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   this hacking, he would be lying, would he?'


   Oh wonderful. Some other hacker was crapping on to the cops with lies

   about how he and Anthrax had worked together. That was exactly why

   Anthrax didn't work in a group. He had plenty of real allegations to

   fend off. He didn't need imaginary ones too.


   `Most certainly would. Unless he goes by some other name, I know

   no-one by that name, Mendax.' Kill that off quick.


   In fact Mendax had not ratted on Anthrax at all. That was just a

   technique the police used.


   `You don't wish to comment on the fact that you have hacked into other

   computer systems and military systems?' If there

   was one thing Anthrax could say for Day, it was that he was



   `No. I would prefer not to comment on any of that. This is the advice

   I have received: not to comment on anything unrelated to the topic

   that I was told I would be talking about when I came down here.'


   `All right, well are you going to answer any questions in relation to

   unlawfully accessing any computer systems?'


   `Based upon the legal advice that I received, I choose not to.'


   Day pursed his lips. `All right. If that is your attitude and you

   don't wish to answer any of those questions, we won't pursue the

   matter. However, I will inform you now that the matter may be reported

   and you may receive a summons to answer the questions or face charges

   in relation to those allegations, and, at any time that you so choose,

   you can come forward and tell us the truth.'


   Woah. Anthrax took a deep breath. Could the cops make him come answer

   questions with a summons? They were changing the game midway through.

   Anthrax felt as though the carpet had been pulled out from beneath his

   feet. He needed a few minutes to clear his head.


   `Is it something I can think over and discuss?' Anthrax asked.


   `Yes. Do you want to have a pause and a talk with your father? The

   constable and I can step out of the room, or offer you another room.

   You may wish to have a break and think about it if you like. I think

   it might be a good idea. I think we might have a ten-minute break and

   put you in another room and let you two have a chat about it. There is

   no pressure.'


   Day and the Sexton stopped the interview and guided father and son

   into another room. Once they were alone, Anthrax looked to his father

   for support. This voice inside him still cried out to keep away from

   his earlier hacking journeys. He needed someone to tell him the same



   His father was definitely not that someone. He railed against Anthrax

   with considerable vehemence. Stop holding back. You have to tell

   everything. How could you be so stupid? You can't fool the police.

   They know. Confess it all before it's too late. At the end of the

   ten-minute tirade, Anthrax felt worse than he had at the beginning.