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   `I am here voluntarily,' he answered.


   `That is not what you have said. What you have just said is

   that pressure has been placed on you and that you have had to come in

   here and answer the questions. Otherwise certain actions would take

   place. That does not mean you are here



   The police must have realised they were on very thin ice and Anthrax

   felt pressure growing in the room. The cops pushed. His father did not

   looked pleased.


   `I was going to come anyway,' Anthrax answered, again almost

   apologetically. Walk the tightrope, he thought. Don't get them too mad

   or they will charge my mother. `You can talk to the people who carried

   out the warrant. All along, I said to them I would come in for an

   interview. Whatever my motivations are, I don't think should matter. I

   am going to tell you the truth.'


   `It does matter,' Day responded, `because at the beginning of the

   interview it was stated--do you agree--that you have come in here



   `I have. No-one has forced me.'


   Anthrax felt exasperated. The room was getting stuffy. He wanted to

   finish this thing and get out of there. So much pressure.


   `And is anyone forcing you to make the answers you have given here

   today?' Day tried again.


   `No individuals are forcing me, no.' There. You have what you want.

   Now get on with it and let's get out of here.


   `You have to tell the truth. Is that what you are saying?' The police

   would not leave the issue be.


   `I want to tell the truth. As well.' The key words there were `as

   well'. Anthrax thought, I want to and I have to.


   `It's the circumstances that are forcing this upon you, not an



   `No.' Of course it was the circumstances. Never mind that the police

   created the circumstance.


   Anthrax felt as if the police were just toying with him. He knew and

   they knew they would go after his mother if this interview wasn't to

   their liking. Visions of his frail mother being hauled out of her

   house by the AFP flashed through his mind. Anthrax felt sweaty and

   hot. Just get on with it. Whatever makes them happy, just agree to it

   in order to get out of this crowded room.


   `So, would it be fair to summarise it, really, to say that perhaps ...

   of your activity before the police arrived at your premises, that is

   what is forcing you?'


   What was this cop talking about? His `activity' forcing him? Anthrax

   felt confused. The interview had already gone on some time. The cops