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   `No more than a telephone directory would be assisting someone,

   because it's really just a list. I didn't actually break anything. I

   just looked at it.'


   `These voice mailbox systems obviously belong to people. What would

   you do when you found a VMB?'


   `Just play with it. Give it to someone and say, "Have a look at this.

   It is interesting," or whatever.'


   `When you say play with it you would break the code out to the VMB?'


   `No. Just have a look around. I'm not very good at breaking VMBs.'


   Sexton tried a different tack. `What are 1-900 numbers? On the back of

   that document there is a 1-900 number. What are they generally for?'


   Easy question. `In America they like cost $10 a minute. You can ring

   them up, I think, and get all sorts of information, party lines, etc.'


   `It's a conference type of call?'




   `Here is another document, contained in a clear plastic sleeve

   labelled AS/AB/S/1. Is this a scan? Do you recognise your



   `Yes, it's in my handwriting. Once again it's the same sort of scan.

   It's just dialling some commercial numbers and noting them.'


   `And once you found something, what would you do with it?'


   Anthrax had no intention of being painted as some sort of ringleader

   of a scanning gang. He was a sociable loner, not a part of a team.


   `I'd just look at it, like in the case of this one here--630. I just

   punched in a few numbers and it said that 113 diverts somewhere, 115

   says goodbye, etc. I'd just do that and I probably never came back to

   it again.'


   `And you believe that if I pick up the telephone book, I would get all

   this information?'


   `No. It's just a list of numbers in the same sense that a telephone

   book is.'


   `What about a 1-800 number?'


   `That is the same as a 0014.'


   `If you rang a 1-800 number, where would you go?'


   Anthrax wondered if the Computer Crimes Unit gained most of its

   technical knowledge from interviews with hackers.


   `You can either do 0014 or you can do 1-800. It's just the same.'


   `Is it Canada--0014?'