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   `As I have already stated, Detective Sergeant Day and I are making

   enquiries into your alleged involvement into the manipulation of

   private automated branch exchanges [PABXes] via Telecom 008 numbers in

   order to obtain free phone calls nationally and internationally. Do

   you clearly understand this allegation?'




   Sexton continued with the necessary, and important, preliminaries. Did

   Anthrax understand that he was not obliged to answer any questions?

   That he had the right to communicate with a lawyer? That he had

   attended the interview of his own free will? That he was free to leave

   at any time?


   Yes, Anthrax said in answer to each question.


   Sexton then ploughed through a few more standard procedures before he

   finally got to the meat of the issue--telephones. He fished around in

   one of the many boxes and pulled out a mobile phone. Anthrax confirmed

   that it was his phone.


   `Was that the phone that you used to call the 008 numbers and

   subsequent connections?' Sexton asked.




   `Contained in that phone is a number of pre-set numbers. Do you





   `I went to the trouble of extracting those records from it.' Sexton

   looked pleased with himself for hacking Anthrax's speed-dial numbers

   from the mobile. `Number 22 is of some interest to myself. It comes up

   as Aaron. Could that be the person you referred to before as Aaron in

   South Australia?'


   `Yes, but he is always moving house. He is a hard person to track



   Sexton went through a few more numbers, most of which Anthrax hedged.

   He asked Anthrax questions about his manipulation of the phone system,

   particularly about the way he made free calls overseas using

   Australian companies' 008 numbers.


   When Anthrax had patiently explained how it all worked, Sexton went

   through some more speed-dial numbers.


   `Number 43. Do you recognise that one?'


   `That's the Swedish Party Line.'


   `What about these other numbers? Such as 78? And 30?'


   `I'm not sure. I couldn't say what any of these are. It's been so

   long,' Anthrax paused, sensing the pressure from the other side of the

   table. `These ones here, they are numbers in my town. But I don't know

   who. Very often, 'cause I don't have any pen and paper with me, I just

   plug a number into the phone.'