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   seamless days and nights of hacking dozens of systems, it was easy to

   forget the last time you logged into a particular system using the

   special password. The more he thought, the more he was absolutely

   sure. He hadn't logged into the system again.


   Which left the obvious question. Who had?


                            [ ]


   Sometimes Anthrax pranked, sometimes he punished. Punishment could be

   severe or mild. Generally it was severe. And unlike pranking, it was

   not done randomly.


   Different things set him off. The librarian, for example. In early

   1993 Anthrax had enrolled in Asia-Pacific and Business Studies at a

   university in a nearby regional city. Ever since he showed up on the

   campus, he had been hassled by a student who worked part-time at the

   university library. On more than one occasion, Anthrax had been

   reading at a library table when a security guard came up and asked to

   search his bags. And when Anthrax looked over his shoulder to the

   check-out desk, that librarian was always there, the one with the bad

   attitude smeared across his face.


   The harassment became so noticeable, Anthrax's friends began

   commenting on it. His bag would be hand-searched when he left the

   library, while other students walked through the electronic security

   boom gate unbothered. When he returned a book one day late, the

   librarian--that librarian--insisted he pay all sorts of fines.

   Anthrax's pleas of being a poor student fell on deaf ears. By the time

   exam period rolled around at the end of term, Anthrax decided to

   punish the librarian by taking down the library's entire computer



   Logging in to the library computer via modem from home, Anthrax

   quickly gained root privileges. The system had security holes a mile

   wide. Then, with one simple command, he deleted every file in the

   computer. He knew the system would be backed up somewhere, but it

   would take a day or two to get the system up and running again. In the

   meantime, every loan or book search had to be conducted manually.


   During Anthrax's first year at university, even small incidents

   provoked punishment. Cutting him off while he was driving, or swearing

   at him on the road, fit the bill. Anthrax would memorise the licence

   plate of the offending driver, then social engineer the driver's

   personal details. Usually he called the police to report what appeared

   to be a stolen car and then provided the licence plate number. Shortly

   after, Anthrax tuned into to his police scanner, where he picked up

   the driver's name and address as it was read over the airways to the

   investigating police car. Anthrax wrote it all down.


   Then began the process of punishment. Posing as the driver, Anthrax rang

   the driver's electricity company to arrange a power disconnection. The

   next morning the driver might return home to find his electricity cut

   off. The day after, his gas might be disconnected.  Then his water. Then

   his phone.


   Some people warranted special punishment--people such as Bill. Anthrax

   came across Bill on the Swedish Party Line, an English-speaking

   telephone conference. For a time, Anthrax was a regular fixture on the

   line, having attempted to call it by phreaking more than 2000 times