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   X was attached. Those 128 bytes included the username and the

   passwords people used to log in. Sniffers were effective, but they

   needed time. Usually, they grew like an embryo in a healthy womb,

   slowly but steadily.


   Anthrax resolved to return to System X in twelve hours to check on the



                            [ ]


   `Why are you two watching those nigger video clips?'


   It was an offensive question, but not atypical for Anthrax's father.

   He often breezed through the house, leaving a trail of disruption in

   his wake.


   Soon, however, Anthrax began eroding his father's authority. He

   discovered his father's secrets hidden on the Commodore 64 computer.

   Letters--lots of them--to his family in England. Vicious, racist,

   horrid letters telling how his wife was stupid. How she had to be told

   how to do everything, like a typical Indian. How he regretted marrying

   her. There were other matters too, things unpleasant to discuss.


   Anthrax confronted his father, who denied the allegations at first,

   then finally told Anthrax to keep his mouth shut and mind his own

   business. But Anthrax told his mother. Tensions erupted and, for a

   time, Anthrax's parents saw a marriage counsellor.


   But his father did not give up writing the letters. He put a password

   protection program on the word processor to keep his son out of his

   business. It was a futile effort. His father had chosen the wrong

   medium to record his indiscretions.


   Anthrax showed his mother the new letters and continued to confront

   his father. When the tension in the house grew, Anthrax would escape

   with his friends. One night they were at a nightclub when someone

   started taunting Anthrax, calling him `curry muncher' and worse.


   That was it. The anger which had been simmering below the surface for

   so long exploded as Anthrax violently attacked his taunter, hitting,

   kicking and punching him, using the tai kwon do combinations he had

   been learning. There was blood and it felt good. Vengeance tasted



   After that incident, Anthrax often lashed out violently. He was out of

   control and it sometimes scared him. However, at times he went looking

   for trouble. Once he tracked down a particularly seedy character who

   had tried to rape one of his girlfriends. Anthrax pulled a knife on

   the guy, but the incident had little to do with the girl. The thing

   that made him angry was the disrespect. This guy knew the girl was

   with Anthrax. The attempted rape was like spitting in his face.


   Perhaps that's what appealed to Anthrax about Islam--the importance of

   respect. At sixteen he found Islam and it changed his life. He

   discovered the Qu'raan in the school library while researching an

   assignment on religion. About the same time, he began listening to a

   lot of rap music. More than half the American rappers in his music

   collection were Muslim, and many sang about the Nation of Islam and

   the sect's charismatic leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan. Their songs

   described the injustices whites inflicted on blacks. They told blacks