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   hackers to the police, was successful. A fortnight later, on 1

   October, the AFP began tapping Prime Suspect's telephone. The hackers

   might be watching the police watch them, but the police were closing

   in. The taps led back to Trax, and then to someone new--Mendax.


   The AFP considered putting taps on Mendax and Trax's telephones as

   well. It was a decision to be weighed up carefully. Telephone taps

   were expensive, and often needed to be in place for at least a month.

   They did, however, provide a reliable record of exactly what the

   hacker was doing on-line.


   Before police could move on setting up additional taps in Operation

   Weather, the plot took another dramatic turn when one of the IS

   hackers did something which took the AFP completely by surprise.


   Trax turned himself in to the police.


   On 29 October Prime Suspect was celebrating. His mum had cooked him a

   nice dinner in honour of finishing his year 12 classes, and then

   driven him to Vermont for a swot-vac party. When she arrived back home

   she pottered around for an hour and a half, feeding her old dog Lizzy

   and tidying up. At 11 p.m. she decided to call it a night.


   Not much later, Lizzy barked.


   `Are you home so soon?' Prime Suspect's mother called out. `Party not

   much fun?'


   No-one answered.


   She sat up in bed. When there was still no answer, her mind raced to

   reports of a spate of burglaries in the neighbourhood. There had even

   been a few assaults.


   A muffled male voice came from outside the front door. `Ma'am. Open

   the door.'


   She stood up and walked to the front door.


   `Open the door. Police.'


   `How do I know you're really the police?'


   `If you don't open the door, we'll kick it in!' an exasperated male

   voice shouted back at her from her front doorstep.


   Prime Suspect's mother saw the outline of something being pressed

   against the side window. She didn't have her reading glasses on, but

   it looked like a police badge. Nervously, she opened the front door a

   little bit and looked out.


   There were eight or nine people on her doorstep. Before she could stop

   them, they had pushed past her, swarming into her home.


   A female officer began waving a piece of paper about. `Look at this!'

   She said angrily. `It's a warrant! Can you read it?'


   `No, actually I can't. I don't have my glasses on,' Prime Suspect's

   mother answered curtly.