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   3. Catching Hackers (and charging them) is almost impossible, you have

   to virtually break into their premises and catch them logged on to an

   unauthorised machine.


   4. If you do happen to catch and charge them, the cost of prosecution

   is high, and a successful outcome is by no ways assured. There may be

   some deterrent value in at least catching and prosecuting?


   5. Continued pursuit of people involved requires doors to be left

   open, this unfortunately exposes other sites and has subjected us to

   some criticism.


   The whole issue is very complex, and in some respects it is a case of

   diminishing returns. A fine balance has to be maintained between

   freedom, and the prevention of abuse, this appears to be the



   Allan Young




   `Yeah, I mean, this RMIT guy is basically saying they are not going to

   catch us anyway, so why are they wasting all this time and money?'


   `Yep. The Feds were in there for at least three months,' Prime Suspect

   said. `Sounded more like nine months though.'


   `Hmm. Yeah, nothing we didn't know already though.'


   `Pretty obvious, leaving those accounts open all the time like they

   did. I reckon that looked pretty suspicious, even if we hadn't gotten

   the email.'


   `Definitely,' Mendax agreed. `Lots of other hackers in RMIT too. I

   wonder if they figured it out.'


   `Hmm. They're gonna be screwed if they haven't been careful.'


   `I don't think the Feds have gotten anyone though.'


   `Yeah?' Prime Suspect asked.


   `Well, if they had, why would they leave those accounts open? Why

   would RMIT keep a full-time staff person on?'


   `Doesn't make sense.'


   `No,' Mendax said. `I'd be pretty sure RMIT has kicked them out.'


   `Yeah, told them, "You had you're chance, boys. Couldn't catch anyone.

   Now pack your bags".'


   `Right.' Mendax paused. `Don't know about NorTel though.'


   `Mmm, yeah,' Prime Suspect said. Then, as usual, a silence began to

   descend on the conversation.


   `Running out of things to say ...' Mendax said finally. They were good

   enough friends for him to be blunt with Prime Suspect.