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   `I did. Pretty amazing. RMIT looks like it will finally be getting rid

   of those line traces.'


   `RMIT definitely wants out,' Mendax said emphatically.


   `Yep. Looks like the people at RMIT are sick of Mr Day crawling all

   over their computers with line traces.'


   `Yeah. That admin at RMIT was pretty good, standing up to AARNET and

   the AFP. I figure Geoff Huston must be giving him a hard time.'


   `I bet.' Prime Suspect paused. `You reckon the Feds have dropped the

   line traces for real?'


   `Looks like it. I mean if RMIT kicks them out, there isn't much the

   Feds can do without the uni's cooperation. The letter sounded like

   they just wanted to get on with securing their systems. Hang on. I've

   got it here.'


   Mendax pulled up a letter on his computer and scrolled through it.


   From Tue May 28 09:32:31



   Received: by id AA07461


   (5.65+/IDA-1.3.5 for pte900); Tue, 28 May 91 09:31:59 +1000


   Received: from by with SMTP

   id AA07457


   (5.65+/IDA-1.3.5 for /usr/lib/sendmail -oi -faarnet-contacts-request

   aarnet-contacts-recipients); Tue, 28 May 91 09:31:57 +1000


   Received: by for


   Date: Tue, 28 May 91 09:32:08 +1000


   From: (Alan Young)


   Message-Id: <>




   Subject: Re: Hackers


   Status: RO


   While no one would disagree that `Hacking' is bad and should be

   stopped, or at least minimised there are several observations which I

   have made over the last six or eight months relating to the persuit of

   these people:


   1. The cost involved was significant, we had a CSO working in

   conjunction with the Commonwealth Police for almost three months full



   2. While not a criticism of our staff, people lost sight of the ball,

   the chase became the most important aspect of the whole exercise.