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   psychoanalyse Electron, which was less than helpful. They discussed

   him as if he wasn't even present. He felt like a ghost and, agitated

   and confused, he began telling his friends that he was going to kill

   himself. Someone called the CAT team again. This time they refused to

   leave unless he would guarantee not to attempt suicide.


   Electron refused. So they had him committed.


   Inside the locked psychiatric ward of Plenty Hospital (now known as

   NEMPS), Electron believed that, although he had gone crazy, he wasn't

   really in a hospital psychiatric ward. The place was just supposed to

   look like one. His father had set it all up.


   Electron refused to believe anything that anyone told him. It was all

   lies. They said one thing, but always meant another.


   He had proof. Electron read a list of patients' names on the wall and

   found one called Tanas. That name had a special meaning. It was an

   anagram for the word `Santa'. But Santa Claus was a myth, so the name

   Tanas appearing on the hospital list proved to him that he shouldn't

   listen to anything anyone told him.


   Electron ate his meals mostly in silence, trying to ignore the

   voluntary and involuntary patients who shared the dining hall. One

   lunchtime, a stranger sat down at Electron's table and started talking

   to him. Electron found it excruciatingly painful talking to other

   people, and he kept wishing the stranger would go away.


   The stranger talked about how good the drugs were in



   `Mm,' Electron said. `I used to do a lot of drugs.'


   `How much is a lot?'


   `I spent $28000 on dope alone in about four months.'


   `Wow,' the stranger said, impressed. `Of course, you don't have to pay

   for drugs. You can always get them for free. I do.'


   `You do?' Electron asked, somewhat perplexed.


   `Sure! All the time,' the stranger said grandly. `No problem. Just



   The stranger calmly put his fork down on the tray, carefully stood up

   and then began yelling at the top of his lungs. He waved his arms

   around frantically and shouted abuse at the other patients.


   Two nurses came running from the observation room. One of them tried

   to calm the stranger down while the other quickly measured out various

   pills and grabbed a cup of water. The stranger swallowed the pills,

   chased them with a swig of water and sat down quietly. The nurses

   retreated, glancing back over their shoulders.


   `See?' The stranger said. `Well, I'd better be on my way, before the

   pills kick in. See ya.'


   Electron watched, amazed, as the stranger picked up his bag, walked