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   `Uhuh,' Electron responded, unimpressed.


   `This is not a joke!' We were on cable news all day too. I called Erik

   and he told me.'


   `Mmm,' Electron said.


   `You know, we did a lot of things right. Like Harvard. We got into

   every system at Harvard. It was a good move. Harvard gave us the fame

   we needed.'


   Electron couldn't believe what he was hearing. He didn't need any

   fame--and he certainly didn't need to be busted. The

   conversation--like Phoenix himself--was really beginning to annoy him.


   `Hey, and they know your name,' Phoenix said coyly.


   That got a reaction. Electron gulped his anger.


   `Haha! Just joshing!' Phoenix practically shouted. `Don't worry! They

   didn't really mention anyone's name.'


   `Good,' Electron answered curtly. His irritation stewed



   `So, do you reckon we'll make the cover of Time or Newsweek?'


   Good grief! Didn't Phoenix ever give up? As if it wasn't enough to

   appear on the 6 o'clock national news in a country crawling with

   over-zealous law enforcement agencies. Or to make the New York Times.

   He had to have the weeklies too.


   Phoenix was revelling in his own publicity. He felt like he was on top

   of the world, and he wanted to shout about it. Electron had felt the

   same wave of excitement from hacking many high-profile targets and

   matching wits with the best, but he was happy to stand on the peak by

   himself, or with people like Pad and Gandalf, and enjoy the view

   quietly. He was happy to know he had been the best on the frontier of

   a computer underground which was fresh, experimental and, most of all,

   international. He didn't need to call up newspaper reporters or gloat

   about it in Clifford Stoll's face.


   `Well, what do you reckon?' Phoenix asked impatiently.


   `No,' Electron answered.


   `No? You don't think we will?' Phoenix sounded disappointed.




   `Well, I'll demand it!' Phoenix said laughing, `Fuck it, we want the

   cover of Newsweek, nothing less.' Then, more seriously, `I'm trying to

   work out what really big target would clinch it for us.'


   `Yeah, OK, whatever,' Electron replied, distancing himself again.


   But Electron was thinking, Phoenix, you are a fool. Didn't he see the

   warning signs? Pad's warning, all the busts in the US, reports that

   the Americans were hunting down the Brits. As a result of these news