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   uncompress the file in a different way. Same problem.


   Phoenix was at his wits' end. This was too much. The most he could

   hope was that the file had somehow become corrupted in the transfer

   from Gandalf's JANET machine. He logged out of NASA and returned to

   Altos. The other three were waiting impatiently for him.


   Electron, still logged in as the mystery Guest, leaped in. `Did it



   `No. Decrypted OK, but the file was corrupted when I tried to

   decompress it.'


   `Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!' Gandalf exclaimed.


   `Fuckfuckfuck,' Electron wrote. `Doomed to fail.'


   `Sigh Sigh Sigh,' Pad typed.


   Gandalf and Electron quizzed Phoenix in detail about each command he

   had used, but in the end there seemed only one hope. Move a copy of

   the decryption program to the JANET computer in the UK and try

   decrypting and uncompressing Deszip there.


   Phoenix gave Gandalf a copy of Crypt and the British hacker went to

   work on the JANET computer. A little later he rendezvoused on Altos



   Phoenix was beside himself by this stage. `Gand! Work???'


   `Well, I decrypted it using the program you gave me ...'


   `And And And???' Electron was practically jumping out of his seat at

   his computer.


   `Tried to uncompress it. It was taking a LONG time. Kept

   going--expanded to 8 megabytes.'


   `Oh NO. Bad Bad Bad,' Phoenix moaned. `Should only be 3 meg. If it's

   making a million files, it's fucked.'


   `Christ,' Pad typed. `Too painful.'


   `I got the makefile--licensing agreement text etc., but the Deszip

   program itself was corrupted,' Gandalf concluded.


   `I don't understand what is wrong with it. <Sob>' Phoenix wrote.


   `AgonyAgonyAgony,' Electron groaned. `It'll never never never work.'


   `Can we get a copy anywhere else?' Gandalf asked.


   `That FTP bug has been fixed at Purdue,' Pad answered. `Can't use that

   to get in again.'


   Disappointment permeated the atmosphere on Altos.


   There were, of course, other possible repositories for Deszip. Phoenix

   and Electron had already penetrated a computer at Lawrence Livermore

   National Labs in California. They had procured root on the gamm5