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   Whizzing past the official warning sign about unauthorised access in

   US government computers on the login screen, Phoenix typed in his user

   name and password.


   It worked. He was in. And he had root privileges.


   He quickly looked around on the system. The administrator was on-line.



   Phoenix fled the NASA computer and sprinted back into Altos. Gandalf

   was there, along with the other two, waiting for him.


   `Well?' Electron asked.


   `OK. All right. The NASA machine will work. It has anon FTP. And I

   still have root. We'll use that.'


   Gandalf jumped in. `Hang on--does it have Crypt?'


   `Argh! Forget to check. I think it must.'


   `Better check it, m8!'


   `Yeah, OK.'


   Phoenix felt exasperated, rushing around trying to find sites that

   worked. He logged out of Altos and coursed his way back into the NASA

   machine. The admin was still logged on, but Phoenix was running out of

   time. He had to find out if the computer had Crypt on it. It did.


   Phoenix rushed back to Altos. `Back again. We're in business.'


   `Yes!' Electron said, but he quickly jumped in with a word of warning.

   `Don't say the exact machine at NASA or the account out loud. Whisper

   it to Gandalf. I think the ops are listening in on my connection.'


   `Well,' Phoenix typed slowly, `there's only one problem. The admin is

   logged on.'


   `Arghhh!' Electron shouted.


   `Just do it,' Pad said. `No time to worry.'


   Phoenix whispered the Internet IP address of the NASA machine to



   `OK, m8, I'll anon FTP it to NASA. I'll come back here and tell you

   the new filename. Then you go in and decrypt it and uncompress the

   file. W8 for me here.'


   Ten minutes later, Gandalf returned. `Mission accomplished. The file

   is there!'


   `Now, go go Pheeny!' Electron said.


   `Gand, whisper the filename to me,' Phoenix said.


   `The file's called "d" and it's in the pub directory,' Gandalf