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   `Oh, phuck off!' Gandalf shot back. `Come on! I need a site NOW!'


   `Thinking ...' Phoenix said. `Gotta be some place with room--how big

   is it?'


   `It's 900 k compressed--probably 3 meg when we uncompress it. Come on,

   hurry up! How about a university?'


   `Princeton, Yale could do either of those.' Electron suggested. `What

   about MIT--you hacked an account there recently, Gand?'




   All four hackers racked their minds for a safe haven. The world was

   their oyster, as British and Australian hackers held a real-time

   conversation in Germany about whether to hide their treasure in

   Austin, Texas; Princeton, New Jersey; Boston, Massachusetts; or New

   Haven, Connecticut.


   `We only need somewhere to stash it for a little while, until we can

   download it,' Gandalf said. `Got to be some machine where we've got

   root. And it's got to have anon FTP.'


   Anon FTP, or anonymous file transfer protocol, on a host machine would

   allow Gandalf to shoot the file from his JANET machine across the

   Internet into the host. Most importantly, Gandalf could do so without

   an account on the target machine. He could simply login as

   `anonymous', a method of access which had more limitations than simply

   logging in with a normal account. He would, however, still be able to

   upload the file.


   `OK. OK, I have an idea,' Phoenix said. `Lemme go check

   it out.'


   Phoenix dropped out of Altos and connected to the University of Texas.

   The physical location of a site didn't matter. His head was spinning

   and it was the only place he could think of. But he didn't try to

   connect to Happy, the machine he often used which Erik had told him

   about. He headed to one of the other university computers, called



   The network was overloaded. Phoenix was left dangling, waiting to

   connect for minutes on end. The lines were congested. He logged back

   into Altos and told Pad and Electron. Gandalf was nowhere to be seen.


   `Damn,' Electron said. Then, `OK, I might have an idea.'


   `No, wait!' Phoenix cut in. `I just thought of a site! And I have root

   too! But it's on NASA ...'


   `Oh that's OK. I'm sure they won't mind a bit. <grin>'


   `I'll go make sure it's still OK. Back in a bit,' Phoenix typed.


   Phoenix jumped out of Altos and headed toward NASA. He telnetted into

   a NASA computer called CSAB at the Langley Research Center in Hampton,

   Virginia. He had been in and out of NASA quite a few times and had

   recently made himself a root account on CSAB. First, he had to check

   the account was still alive, then he had to make sure the system

   administrator wasn't logged in.