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   `Nah, It'll be easy. It's a Sequent. Just have to hang around until

   the ops go home.'


   If an op was logged on and saw Gandalf hunting around, he or she might

   kick Gandalf off and investigate the file which so interested the

   hacker. Then they would lose Deszip all over again.


   `I hope we get it,' Pad chipped in. `Would be gr8!'


   `Gr8 indeed. Feen, you've got the key to the encryption?' Gandalf





   `How many characters is it?' It was Gandalf's subtle way of asking for

   the key itself.


   Phoenix wasn't sure what to do. He wanted to give the British hackers

   the key, but he was torn. He needed Pad and Gandalf's help to get the

   copy of Deszip, if it was still around. But he knew Electron was

   watching the conversation, and Electron was always so paranoid. He

   disliked giving out any information, let alone giving it over Altos,

   where the conversations were possibly logged by security people.


   `Should I give him the key?' Phoenix whispered to Electron.


   Gandalf was waiting. To fend him off, Phoenix said, `It's 9 chars.'

   Chars was short for characters. On Altos the rule was to abbreviate

   where ever possible.


   `What is the first char?'


   `Yeah. Tell him,' Electron whispered to Phoenix.


   `Well, the key is ...'


   `You're going to spew when you find out, Gand,' Electron interrupted.


   `Yes ... go on,' Gandalf said. `I am listening.'


   `You won't believe it. <spew spew spew> The key is ... Dartmouth.'


   `WHAT???? WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' Gandalf exclaimed.

   `No!!! IT's NOT TRUE! Bollox! You are KIDDING?'


   The British hacker was thumping himself on the head. The name of the

   frigging university! What a stupid password!


   Phoenix gave an on-line chuckle. `Hehe. Yeah. So hard to guess. We

   could have had Deszip for all these months ...'


   `Jesus. I hope it's still on that JANET system,' Gandalf said. Now

   that he actually had the password, finding the file became even more



   `Pray. Pray. Pray,' Phoenix said. `Yeah, you should have seen the

   licence text on Deszip--it was by NASA.'


   `You've seen it? You saw Deszip's source code?'