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   back. But she didn't.


   Par drowned himself in alcohol. Shots of tequila, one after the other.

   Scull it. Slam the glass down. Fill it to the top. Throw back another.

   After a while, he passed out. Then he was violently ill for days, but

   somehow he didn't mind. It was cleansing to be so ill.


   Somewhere along the way, Rosen managed to get Par's things returned

   from the Secret Service raids. He passed the outdated computer and

   other equipment back to Par, along with disks, print-outs and notes.


   Par gathered up every shred of evidence from his case, along with a

   bottle of Jack Daniels, and made a bonfire. He shredded print-outs,

   doused them in lighter fluid and set them alight. He fed the disks

   into the fire and watched them melt in the flames. He flipped through

   the pages and pages of notes and official reports and let them pull

   out particular memories. Then he crumpled up each one and tossed it in

   the fire. He even sprinkled a little Jack Daniels across the top for

   good measure.


   As he pulled the pages from a Secret Service report, making them into

   tight paper balls, something caught his eye and made him wonder. Many

   hackers around the world had been busted in a series of raids

   following the first Thanksgiving raid at Par's house back in 1988.

   Erik Bloodaxe, the MOD boys, the LOD boys, The Atlanta Three, Pad and

   Gandalf, the Australians--they had all been either busted or raided

   during 1989, 1990 and 1991.


   How were the raids connected? Were the law-enforcement agencies on

   three different continents really organised enough to coordinate

   worldwide attacks on hackers?


   The Secret Service report gave him a clue. It said that in December

   1988, two informants had called Secret Service special agents in

   separate divisions with information about Par. The informants--both

   hackers--told the Secret Service that Par was not the `Citibank

   hacker' the agency was looking for. They said the real `Citibank

   hacker' was named Phoenix.


   Phoenix from Australia.