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   against Par's Adam's apple. It was a vice-like grip.


   `Yeah. Like this. I did it like this,' Kentucky said as he tensed his

   muscle and pulled backward.


   `No! Really, you don't need to. It's OK,' Par gasped. No air. His arms

   flailing in front of him.


   I'm done for, Par thought. My life is over. Hacker Murdered by Serial

   Killer in Rikers Island. `Aliens Told Me to Do It.'


   The omnipresent jewellery heister came up to Kentucky and started

   cooing in his ear to let Par go. Then, just when Par thought he was

   about to pass out, the jewellery heister pulled Kentucky off him.


   Par reminded himself to always sit with his back against the wall.


   Finally, after almost a month behind bars, Par was informed that an

   officer from the Monterey County sheriff's office was coming to take

   him back to California. Par had agreed to be extradited to California

   after seeing the inside of New York's jails. Dealing with the federal

   prosecutor in New York had also helped make up his mind.


   The US Attorney's Office in New York gave Richard Rosen, who had taken

   the case on again, a real headache. They didn't play ball. They played

   `Queen for a Day'.


   The way they negotiated reminded Rosen of an old American television

   game of that name. The show's host pulled some innocent soul off the

   street, seated her on a garish throne, asked her questions and then

   gave her prizes. The US Attorney's Office in New York wanted to seat

   Par on a throne, of sorts, to ask him lots of questions. At the end of

   the unfettered interrogation, they would hand out prizes. Prison

   terms. Fines. Convictions. As they saw fit. No guaranteed sentences.

   They would decide what leniency, if any, he would get at the end of

   the game.


   Par knew what they were looking for: evidence against the MOD boys. He

   wasn't having a bar of that. The situation stank, so Par decided not to

   fight the extradition to California. Anything had to be better than New

   York, with its crazy jail inmates and arrogant federal prosecutors.


   The officer from the Monterey sheriff's office picked Par up on 17

   December 1991.


   Par spent the next few weeks in jail in California, but this time he

   wasn't in any sort of protective custody. He had to share a cell with

   Mexican drug dealers and other mafia, but at least he knew his way

   around these people. And unlike the some of the people at Rikers, they

   weren't stark raving lunatics.


   Richard Rosen took the case back, despite Par's having skipped town

   the first time, which Par thought was pretty good of the lawyer. But

   Par had no idea how good it would be for him until it came to his

   court date.


   Par called Rosen from the jail, to talk about the case. Rosen had some

   big news for him.


   `Plead guilty. You're going to plead guilty to everything,' he told