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Ummm. I wear sunglasses when it's 11 degrees and cloudy ... so you can

eliminate that one.  :-)



Subject: Hmm, Par

From: Phoenix

Date: Thu Feb 01 10:22:46 1990


At least you arent getting shot at.



Subject: Par, why don't you ...

From: Ravage

Date: Thu Feb 01 10:56:04 1990


Why not just go out and say `hi' to the nice gentleman? If i kept

seeing the same people tooling around my neighborhood, i would

actively check them out if they seemed weird.



Subject: Par, jump 'em

From: Aston Martin

Date: Tue Feb 06 18:04:55 1990


What you could do is go out to one of the vans sitting in the street

(you know, the one with the two guys sitting in it all day) with a

pair of jumper cables. Tell them you've seen them sitting there all

day and you thought they were stuck. Ask them if they need a jump.


- Aston


   Between these strange messages, Par often posted comments on technical

   matters. Other hackers routinely asked him questions about X.25

   networks. Unlike some hackers, Par almost always offered some help. In

   fact, he believed that being `one of the teachers' made him a

   particular target. But his willingness to teach others so readily,

   combined with his relatively humble, self-effacing demeanour, made Par

   popular among many hackers. It was one reason he found so many places

   to stay.


   Spring arrived, brushing aside a few of the hardships of a winter on

   the run, then summer. Par was still on the run, still dodging the

   Secret Service's national hunt for the fugitive. By autumn, Par had

   eluded law enforcement officials around the United States for more

   than a year. The gloom of another cold winter on the run sat on the

   horizon of Par's future, but he didn't care. Anything, everything was

   bearable. He could take anything Fate would dish up because he had

   something to live for.


   Theorem was coming to visit him again.


   When Theorem arrived in New York in early 1991, the weather was

   bitterly cold. They travelled to Connecticut, where Par was staying in

   a share-house with friends.


   Par was nervous about a lot of things, but mostly about whether things

   would be the same with Theorem. Within a few hours of her arrival, his

   fears were assuaged. Theorem felt as passionately about him as she had

   in California more than twelve months before. His own feelings were