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Subject: Par

From: Erik Bloodaxe

Date: Mon Jan 29 19:36:38 1990


Buddy, Par, you are over the edge ... lay off the weed.  Not everyone

with glasses and dark suits are Feds. Not all cars with generic

hubcaps are government issue.


Well, hell, I don't know what the hell `Eddie' is, but that's a real

bizarre message you left.


Fly to Austin ... like tomorrow ... got plenty of places to stash you

until things can be smoothed out for a calm transition.


- Erik



Subject: eehh...

From: Phoenix [from Australia]

Date: Tue Jan 30 07:25:59 1990




<wonders real REAL thoughtufully> [sic]

<and turns up a blank...>

what is young Par up to?



Subject: Par and Erik

From: Daneel Olivaw

Date: Mon Jan 29 21:10:00 1990


Erik, you aren't exactly the best person to be stashing people are




Subject: You know you are screwed when.

From: The Parmaster

Date: Wed Jan 31 14:26:04 1990


You know you are screwed



When surveyers survey

your neighbors regularly, and wear sunglasses when it's like 11 degrees

farenheit and cloudy as hell out.


When the same cars keep

driving by outside day and night. (I've been thinking about providing coffee an




- Par



Subject: heh, Par

From: The Mentor

Date: Wed Jan 31 16:37:04 1990