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Subject: Par

From: Erik Bloodaxe

Date: Tue Jan 23 23:21:39 1990


Shit man, don't drink and think about things like that. It's not

healthy, mentally or physically.


Come to Austin, Texas.


We'll keep you somewhere until we can get something worked out for



A year in minimum security (Club Fed) is better then chucking a whole

life. Hell, you're 19!!  I have discarded the `permanent' solution for

good. Dead people can't get laid, but people in federal prisons DO get

conjugal visits!!!


Think of



Call over here at whatever time you read this ... I can see you are

really getting worried, so just fucking call ...


- Erik



Subject: Hah

From: The Parmaster

Date: Thu Jan 25 18:58:00 1990


Just keep in mind they see everything you do.  Believe me. I know.


- Par



Subject: Well shit.

From: The Parmaster

Date: Mon Jan 29 15:45:05 1990


It's happening soon guys.


I wish i could have bought more time.  And worked out a deal.  But

nada. They are nearby now.


I can tell which cars are theirs driving by outside.  This is the

weirdest case of Deja vu i've ever had.


Anyway got an interesting call today.  It was from Eddie, one of the

Bell systems computers.


It was rather fantasy like ...  Probably just his way of saying

`Goodbye'.  Eddie was a good friend, smartest damn UNIX box around ...

And he called today to tell me goodbye.


Now i know i'm fucked.  Thanks, Eddie, it's been real.  (whoever you

are) `ok eddie, this one's for you'


Much Later,


- Par