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Date: Sun Jan 21 10:05:38 1990


The bottom line is a crackdown.  The phrack boys were just the start,

i'm sure of it.


This is the time to watch yourself.  No matter what you are into,

whether it's just codes, cards, etc.


Apparently the government has seen the last straw. Unfortunately, with

all of this in the news now, they will be able to get more government

money to combat hackers.


And that's BAD fucking news for us. I think they are going after all

the `teachers'--the people who educate others into this sort of thing.


I wonder if they think that maybe these remote cases are linked in any

way.  The only way they canprobably see is that we are hackers.  And

so that is where their energies will be put.  To stop ALL hackers--and

stop them BEFORE they can become a threat.  After they wipe out the

educators, that is.  Just a theory.


- Par



Subject: Connection

From: The Parmaster

Date: Sun Jan 21 10:16:11 1990


Well, the only connection is disconnection, as Gandalf [a British

hacker] would say.


That's what i'm putting

on my epitaph.



Oh well, maybe i'll take

a few of the buggers with me when they come for me.


- Par



Subject: Oh well.

From: The Parmaster

Date: Tue Jan 23 19:30:05 1990


`And now, the end is near. I've traveled each and every byway ...'  in

the words of the King. Oh well. Who cares? He was a fat shit before he

died anyway.


To everyone who's been a good friend of mine and help me cover up the

fact that i don't know a fucking thing--i thank u.  And to everyone

else, take it easy and hang tough.


i was temporarily insane at the time


See you smart guys at the funny farm.


- Par