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   posted messages frequently on The Phoenix Project, an exclusive BBS

   run by The Mentor and Erik Bloodaxe and frequented by LOD members and

   the Australian hackers. Some well-known computer security people were

   also invited onto certain, limited areas of the Texas-based board,

   which immediately elevated the status of The Phoenix Project in the

   computer underground. Hackers were as curious about the security

   people as the security people were about their prey. The Phoenix

   Project was special because it provided neutral ground, where both

   sides could meet to exchange ideas.


   Via the messages, Par continued to improve his hacking skills while

   also talking with his friends, people like Erik Bloodaxe, from Texas,

   and Phoenix, from The Realm in Melbourne. Electron also frequented The

   Phoenix Project. These hackers knew Par was on the run, and sometimes

   they joked with him about it. The humour made the stark reality of

   Par's situation bearable. All the hackers on The Phoenix Project had

   considered the prospect of being caught. But the presence of Par, and

   his tortured existence on the run, hammered the implications home with

   some regularity.


   As Par's messages became depressed and paranoid, other hackers tried

   to do what they could to help him. Elite US and foreign hackers who

   had access to the private sections of The Phoenix Project saw his

   messages and they felt for him. Yet Par continued to slide deeper and

   deeper into his own strange world.


Subject: DAMN !!!

From: The Parmaster

Date: Sat Jan 13 08:40:17 1990


Shit, i got drunk last night and went onto that Philippine system...

Stupid Admin comes on and asks who i am ...


Next thing i know, i'm booted off and both accounts on the system are gone.

Not only this .. but the

whole fucking Philippine Net isn't accepting collect calls anymore. (The thing

went down completely after i was booted off!)

Apparently someone there

had enough of me.

By the way, kids, never

drink and hack!


- Par



Subject: gawd

From: The Parmaster

Date: Sat Jan 13 09:07:06 1990


Those SS boys and NSA boys think i'm a COMRADE .. hehehe i'm just glad

i'm still fucking free.




<Glastnost and all that happy horseshit>


- Par


Subject: The Bottom line.

From: The Parmaster