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   Like the time they took a trip to Sale together around Christmas 1988.

   Gill told Bowen he had to get out of town for a few days--certain

   undesirable people were after him. He didn't drive, so could Craig

   help him out? Sure, no problem. They had shared an inexpensive motel

   room in Sale, paid for by Gill.


   Being so close to Christmas, Stuart told Craig he had brought him two

   presents. Craig opened the first--a John Travolta fitness book. When

   Craig opened the second gift, he was a little stunned. It was a red

   G-string for men. Craig didn't have a girlfriend at the time--perhaps

   Stuart was trying to help him get one.


   `Oh, ah, thanks,' Craig said, a bit confused.


   `Glad you like it,' Stuart said. `Go on. Try it on.'


   `Try it on?' Craig was now very confused.


   `Yeah, mate, you know, to see if it fits. That's all.'


   `Oh, um, right.'


   Craig hesitated. He didn't want to seem rude. It was a weird request,

   but never having been given a G-string before, he didn't know the

   normal protocol. After all, when someone gives you a jumper, it's

   normal for them to ask you to try it on, then and there, to see if it



   Craig tried it on. Quickly.


   `Yes, seems to fit,' Stuart said matter of factly, then turned away.


   Craig felt relieved. He changed back into his clothing.


   That night, and on many others during their trips or during Craig's

   overnight visits to Stuart's uncle's house, Craig lay in bed wondering

   about his secretive new friend.


   Stuart was definitely a little weird, but he seemed to like women so

   Craig figured he couldn't be interested in Craig that way. Stuart

   bragged that he had a very close relationship with a female newspaper

   reporter, and he always seemed to be chatting up the girl at the video



   Craig tried not to read too much into Stuart's odd behaviour, for the

   young man was willing to forgive his friend's eccentricities just to

   be part of the action. Soon Stuart asked Craig for access to

   PI--unrestricted access.


   The idea made Craig uncomfortable, but Stuart was so persuasive. How

   would he be able to continue his vital intelligence work without

   access to Victoria's most important hacking board? Besides, Stuart

   Gill of Hackwatch wasn't after innocent-faced hackers like Craig

   Bowen. In fact, he would protect Bowen when the police came down on

   everyone. What Stuart really wanted was the carders--the fraudsters.

   Craig didn't want to protect people like that, did he?


   Craig found it a little odd, as usual, that Stuart seemed to be after