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   There are many people who were interviewed for this work, and many

   others who helped in providing documents so vital for fact

   checking. Often this help invovled spending a considerable amount of

   time explaining complex technical or legal matters. I want to express

   my gratitude to all these people, some of whom prefer to remain

   anonymous, for their willingness to dig through the files in search of

   yet one more report and their patience in answering yet one more



   I want to thank the members of the computer underground, past and

   present, who were interviewed for this book. Most gave me

   extraordinary access to their lives, for which I am very grateful.


   I also want to thank Julian Assange for his tireless research efforts.

   His superb technical expertise and first-rate research is evidence by

   the immense number of details which are included in this book.


   Three exceptional women -- Fiona Inglis, Deb Callaghan and Jennifer

   Byrne -- believed in my vision for this book and helped me to bring it

   to fruition. Carl Harrison-Ford's excellent editing job streamlined a

   large and difficult manuscript despite the tight deadline. Thank you

   also to Judy Brookes.


   I am also very grateful to the following people and organisations for

   their help (in no particular order): John McMahon, Ron Tencati, Kevin

   Oberman, Ray Kaplan, the New York Daily News library staff, the New

   York Post library staff, Bow Street Magistrates Court staff, Southwark

   Court staff, the US Secret Service, the Black Mountain Police, Michael

   Rosenberg, Michael Rosen, Melbourne Magistrates Court staff, D.L

   Sellers & Co. staff, Victorian County Court staff, Paul Galbally, Mark

   Dorset,, Freeside Communications, Greg Hooper, H&S

   Support Services, Peter Andrews, Kevin Thompson, Andrew Weaver,

   Mukhtar Hussain, Midnight Oil, Helen Meredith, Ivan Himmelhoch,

   Michael Hall, Donn Ferris, Victorian State Library staff, News Limited

   library staff (Sydney), Allan Young, Ed DeHart, Annette Seeber, Arthur

   Arkin, Doug Barnes, Jeremy Porter, James McNabb, Carolyn Ford, ATA,

   Domini Banfield, Alistair Kelman, Ann-Maree Moodie, Jane Hutchinson,

   Catherine Murphy, Norma Hawkins, N. Llewelyn, Christine Assange,

   Russel Brand, Matthew Bishop, Matthew Cox, Michele Ziehlky, Andrew

   James, Brendan McGrath, Warner Chappell Music Australia, News Limited,

   Pearson Williams Solicitors, Tami Friedman, the Free Software

   Foundation (GNU Project), and the US Department of Energy Computer

   Incident Advisory Capability.


   Finally, I would like to thank my family, whose unfailing support,

   advice and encouragement have made this book possible.