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    of gaining independent secondary confirmation.


    Who else could have been involved? There must have been a paper-trail

    outside of Washington. Perhaps the SS representation in Charlotte had

    something? No. Perhaps there were records of the warrants in the

    Charlotte courts? No. Perhaps NC state police attended the SS raid in

    support? Maybe, but finding warm bodies who had been directly involved

    proved proved futile. If it was a SS case, they had no indexable

    records that they were willing to provide. What about the local

    coppers? An SS raid on a fugitive computer hacker holed up at one of

    the local motels was not the sort of event that would be likely to have

    passed unnoticed at the Black Mountain county police office, indexable

    records or not.


    Neither however, were international telephone calls from strangely

    accented foreign-nationals wanting to know about them. Perhaps the Reds

    were no-longer under the beds, but in Black Mountain, this could be

    explained away by the fact they were now hanging out in phone booths. I

    waited for a new shift at the Black Mountain county police office,

    hoping against hope, that the officer I had spoken to wouldn't

    contaminate his replacement. Shamed, I resorted to using that most

    special of US militia infiltration devices. An American accent and a

    woman's touch. Suelette weaved her magic. The Black Mountain raid had

    taken place. The county police had supported it. We had our



    While this anecdote is a strong account, it's also representative one.

    Every chapter in underground was formed from many stories like

    it. They're unseen, because a book must not be true merely in details.

    It must be true in feeling.


    True to the visible and the invisible. A difficult combination.


                                                               Julian Assange


                                                    January 2001