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    about a SS raid on the run, yet when the story was traced back, it

    always led to one source. To Par.


    Was Par having us on? Par had said that he had made a telephone call to

    Theorem in Switzerland from a phone booth outside the motel a day or

    two before the Secret Service raid.  During a storm. Not just any

    storm. Hurricane Hugo. But archival news reports on Hugo discussed it

    hitting South Carolina, not North Carolina. And not Black

    Mountain. Theorem remembered Par calling once during a storm. But not

    Hugo. And she didn't remember it in relation to the Black Mountain



    Par had destroyed most of his legal documents, in circumstances that

    become clear in the book, but of the hundreds of pages of documentary

    material we had obtained from other sources there was wasn't a single

    mention of Black Mountain.  The Black Mountain Motel didn't seem to

    exist. Par said Nibbler had moved and couldn't be located.  Dozens of

    calls by Suelette to the Secret Service told us what we didn't want to

    hear.  The agents we thought most likely to have been involved in the

    the hypothetical Black Mountain incident had either left the Secret

    Service or were otherwise unreachable.  The Secret Service had no idea

    who would have been involved, because while Par was still listed in the

    Secret Service central database, his profile, contained three

    significant annotations:


            1) Another agency had ``borrowed'' parts Par's file

            2) There were medical ``issues'' surrounding Par

            3) SS documents covering the time of Black Mountain

               incident had been destroyed for various reasons

                 that become clear the book.

            4) The remaining SS documents had been moved into

               ``deep-storage'' and would take two weeks to retrieve.


    With only one week before our publisher's ``use it or lose it''

    dead-line, the chances of obtaining secondary confirmation of the Black

    Mountain events did not look promising.


    While we waited for leads on the long trail of ex, transfered and

    seconded SS agents who might have been involved in the Black Mountain

    raid, I turned to resolving the two inconsistencies in Par's story;

    Hurricane Hugo and the strange invisibility of the Black Mountain



    Hurricane Hugo had wreathed a path of destruction, but like most most

    hurricanes heading directly into a continental land-mass it had started

    out big and ended up small. News reports followed this pattern, with a

    large amount of material on its initial impact, but little or nothing

    about subsequent events. Finally I obtained detailed time by velocity

    weather maps from the National Reconnaissance Office, which showed the

    remaining Hugo epicentre ripping through Charlotte NC (pop. 400k)

    before spending itself on the Carolinas. Database searches turned up a

    report by Natalie, D. & Ball, W, EIS Coordinator, North Carolina

    Emergency Management, `How North Carolina Managed Hurricane Hugo' --

    which was used to flesh out the scenes in Chapter 4 describing Par's

    escape to New York via the Charlotte Airport.


    Old Fashioned gum-shoe leg-work, calling every motel in Black Mountain

    and the surrounding area, revealed that the Black Mountain Motel had

    changed name, ownership and.. all its staff. Par's story was holding,

    but in some ways I wished it hadn't. We were back to square one in terms