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      Adelaide Advertiser                -- (Codex

                                         Surveillance List)

      `Gripping, eminently readable'

      -- Rolling Stone                   `WOW! What an incredible

                                         read! Your book captures

      `Highly intense and enjoyable      exactly what it was like for

      read' -- Rolling Stone             me...'  -- Anonymous Canadian


      `Highly original investigative

      journalism' -- Gideo Haigh,        `Well done and thanks' --

      Australian Literary Suppliment


      `Highly recommended' -- Jim        `What is most impressive,

      Lippard                            however, is the personal

                                         detail she has managed to

      `Will Surprise' -- Darren          garner about her subjects:

      Reed, author, ipfirewall           more than anything else, it

                                         is this is which gives

      `Wonderful Book' --                Underground its appeal' --              Danny Yee, Danny Yee's review

                                         of books