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      `El libro tiene como fuentes a     Bookseller and Publisher

      varios grupos de hackers

      australianos y todas las           `Riviting read'-- The

      sentencias de los casos de         Adelaide Advertiser

      asaltos informaticos de esa

      epoca' -- Cripto, Spain            `Several cites to it in my

                                         own book on information

      `Enjoyed the book!' -- Jake        warfare' -- Prof. Dorothy

      Barnes, The Face (UK)              Denning


      `Entirely original' -- Rolling     `Skall du la:sa Underground'

      Stone                              -- Mikael Pawlo, Internet

                                         World, Sweden

      `Especialmente interesante' --

      Cripto, Spain                      `THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!' --


      `Excellent insight' --               `Thank you for such an

                                         AMAZING and informative book'

      `Excellent reporting' --           --

      Editor, IBIC

                                         `The reader is readily drawn

      `Excellent.. Compared against      forward into the eddies of

      Bruce Sterling's text (the         the underground by the thrust

      most obvious comparison), it       and parry of the hackers and

      makes for much better              their pursuers' -- Ed Burns,

      reading.. Commendable' --          IBIC

                                         `The true stories of

      `Extraordinary' -- Rolling         Underground are simply

      Stone                              compelling' -- David Nichols,

                                         The Big Issue

      `Fascinating piece of

      investigative journalism' --       `There is much to admire in

      Jim Reavis, Network World          the doggedness with which

                                         Dreyfus follows her subjects'

      `Fascinating' -- Ed Burns,         -- Gideo Haigh, Australian

      IBIC                               Literary Suppliment


      `Fiercely independent thinking     `Thoroughly enjoyed' --

      found on every page' -- Lew        Suzanne Pratley, Frugal Films

      Koch, ZDNET

                                         `Thoroughly researched' --

      `For those sick of bullish         Jim Reavis, Network World

      cyberpiffle, Underground

      contains any amount of             `Those inclined to seek the

      counterintelligence.." --          unvarnished truth will find

      Gideon Haigh, Australian           Underground an excellent

      Literary Suppliment                read' -- George Smith, Crypt


      `Genuine perception' -- George

      Smith, Crypt News                  `Totally recommended' --

                                         Matthew Green, NetBSD

      `Genuinely fascinating' --         Security Officer, author IRC

      David Nichols, The Big Issue       II


      `Great real life thriller' --      `Very good, very accurate..           makes for an interesting

                                         contrast with books like

      `Gripping Account'-- The           Cuckoo's Egg, and Takedown'