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                                         `La descripcion de las

      `Best hacker book I've read'       detenciones, registros

      -- Jim Lippard                     yprocesos legales es

                                         especialmente interesante' --

      `Brillant read - will rest         Cripto, Spain

      safely next the rest of my

      Gibson, Sterling and               `Let me say how much I

      Brunner...' --                     enjoyed Underground. I really           thought it was fascinating

                                         and a great read.' --

      `Brillant' --             (Editor,                 Network World)


      `Compelling reading for those      `Loved it' --

      of us who want more than just

      salacious and hyped snippets'

      -- Trudie MacIntosh, The           `Makes the esoteric world of

      Australian                         the hacker accessible' --

                                         Australian Bookseller and

      `Compelling' -- David Nichols,     Publisher

      The Big Issue

                                         `Matt Piening told me about

      `Contains enough technical         it and showed me the article

      information to impress anyone      in The Age.. consequently..

      who can appreciate it' --          we bought it, we read it, we           loved it. :)' --


      `Couldn't put it down' --

      Trudie MacIntosh, The              `Meeslepende book' --

      Australian                         Digiface, The Netherlands


      `Depth of character and rapid      `Meticulously researched' --

      pacing' -- Ed Burns, IBIC          Australian Bookseller and


      `Displays a level of research

      and technical understanding        `Meticuously researched

      not matched by other hacker        psychological and social

      books' -- Jim Lippard              profile of hackers' --

                                         Australian Bookseller and

      `Dive into the Underground and     Publisher

      be swept into a thrilling

      elite realm' --                    `Most brilliant book I have                    ever read' --


      `Dreyfus does not attempt any

      sleights of hand with jargon'      `Nice work' --

      -- David Nichols, The Big


                                         `Powerful' --

      `Dreyfus has clearly done her

      research well' -- Danny Yee,       `Reads like Ludlum.. I love

      Danny Yee's review of books        the book.. The style of

                                         writing is the clincher..' --

      `Dreyfus hat hier Abhilfe

      geschaffen' -- iX, Germany

                                         `Reads like a thriller' --

      `Dreyfus is one smart cookie'      The Age

      -- Ed Burns, IBIC


                                         `Riveting' – Australian