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      `...I hold your book               `I have never before read a

      responsible for destroying my      book this good, literally!'

      social life for the last two       --

      days...I bought it Friday

      afternoon, and then finished       `I just finished the book..

      it at lunchtime today!             and thoroughly enjoyed it.

      (Sunday) *grin*. Excellent         Dreyfus showed an amazing

      reading!' --      insight into the world of

                                         electronic exploration. I am

      `A few pages into this book I      sure it was in no small part

      found it to be different to        due to [the researcher's]

      any other book I have ever         excellent technical

      read on the subject. Dreyfus       assistance. Good Job!!' --

      treats the people she writes

      about AS PEOPLE not just

      "computer junkies" or "cyber       `I loved the book - couldn't

      geeks"' --       put it down!' --


      `A real pleasure' -- George

      Smith, Crypt News                  `I wanted to say how much I

                                         liked your book Underground'

      `A tale of madness, paranoia       -- Prof. Dorothy Denning

      and brilliance among

      Australian computer hackers -      `I was blown away' --

      and how they nearly brought

      NASA undone' -- The Weekend

      Australian Magazine                `I'm grateful to Ms Dreyfus

                                         for introducing me to a

      `Adventure book for the brain'     number of first-rate

      -- Sarah McDonald, JJJ             subversives' -- Phillip

                                         Adams, Late Night Live

      `After reading the extract of

      Underground in The Age I           `Joy knew no bounds' --

      couldn't wait to read it.          Phillip Adams, Late Night

      Finally it came out in the         Live

      shops and I finished it all

      within a few days. I wasn't        `Just thought that I would

      disappointed for a second.' --     say great job on your book               very nice piece of work and

                                         very informative!' --

      `Amazing insight' --               Anonymous hacker

                                         `Keeps the reader glued to

      `Backed up by..detailed            the page' -- Danny Yee, Danny

      technical research' -- Trudie      Yee's review of books

      MacIntosh, The Australian