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Minutes 10-06-10

Groton Library Trustees

Meeting Minutes of Work Session

October 6, 2010


Attendance: Christina McClay, Annie Tobine

Absent: Joyce Tolman, Pamela Yinger, Brenda Akerman

Work Session began at 5:45 pm.


The minutes of the last meeting of September 1, 2010 were not completed for this meeting.  Therefore, the minutes will be presented at the next scheduled meeting.

Old Business

Grant/Building Decision

Annie Tobine and Christina McClay discussed the options.  It is very important to follow the recommendations if possible received in the surveys.  The majority of the people although only given the choice of renovating and moving the existing building or building a new building, had chosen to renovate and move the existing building.  The discussion centered mainly around the option of moving and renovating or the possibility of raising the existing building where it is.  At this time, both Annie and Christina feel that the best option is to apply for the grant.  There is no obligation to take the grant if approved and should it not be approved, then the Trustees can move forward with further planning.  Annie and Christina both agree that there should be some type of presentation to the Board when the final application is completed, in order to get their support.  More research will be done with regards to the possible options and further discussed so the final plan for the grant can be completed.  Time is running out and unfortunately the information needed for the grant is very hard to come by, between the flood damage and the loss of records or records not kept.  Another idea discussed was the possibility of using any building moved to the park area, for an additional emergency shelter.  Annie also thought that Joyce Tolman previously had a file on the Library located in the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office.  Christina will email Laura to verify.

Librarian Posting

Annie and Christina discussed the need to build the community spirit around the Library and re-establish hours of operation.  At the next official meeting, Christina will bring a posting/job description to work on and hopefully post before the end of the year.  They are planning on opening a night during the week and one weekend day for approximately 8 hours a week.  Annie and Christina will confirm the need for the Board’s approval when hiring a Librarian, again looking for their support.  The posting will be listed at all free sites and offices and stores, similar to the process the Town is currently using for job postings. 

Budget Update

Annie and Christina reviewed the budget submitted to the Board.  Past Library budgets asked for the bare minimum but it was necessary to ask for additional monies if the Library is going to be able to hire a Librarian.  Attached is a copy of the budget submitted but not approved.  One option discussed was to deduct the $500 for "Other" out of the Library budget should the Board be looking for something to cut.  Annie agreed to allow Christina to speak to the budget when the Board starts reviewing.

Library set up    

Annie and Christina both agree that there needs to be some shaking up the Library and its current set up.  It is necessary to breathe life into the room and make do with what has been given to the Trustees.  Christina will draw up a rough plan for the current shape of the Library and have for October 16, 2010 at 2:00 pm at the current location of the Library.  Christina will talk to the Board at the next Selectmen’s meeting to inform and verify that they are good with a change in the space.  In addition, to changing the set up, the group of volunteers will be cleaning out bookshelves, setting up new shelves and also cleaning out the basement. 

Other Business

Answering Machine

Christina will price answering machines and look at the least expensive version.  It is necessary to have a voice mail operating and agreed upon hours of operation etc. 

Friends of the Library Organization

Christina will speak to the Bristol Friends of the Library and other towns to get information around the creation of a Friends of the Library group.

Old Library Building

Christina and Annie both agree with the Board’s prior recommendation of cleaning out the old Library/Town Office/Police Department building.  In addition, they agreed that it is possible that someone has attempted access to this building prior to the visit in September when the Board and the Trustees toured the building.  They also both agree that the building should be posted “No Trespassing – No unauthorized access” on the building.  Christina will follow up on scheduling a cleaning out of the old building and also will check with the Board about posting the building.


Annie and Christina discussed future fundraising ideas.  The election on November 2nd is a good date.  Christina will check with Lou Lieto as the moderator to see if this is a possibility.  Other ideas will be discussed at the next official meeting.  It was also discussed to have a jar for donations to the Library Trustees displayed that day, for those people who may not want to purchase books.  In addition to selling books, Annie and Christina talked about the possibility of having a yard sale and posting for donations. 

Checking Account

With the absence of the third member of the Trustees, and the discussion with regards to updating the signatures on the account, the Trustees motioned to place Christina McClay’s name on the account and remove Joyce Tolman’s at this time, which passed with an all in favor vote.  In addition, Christina was concerned that there may be some type of reporting that the Trustees need to be filing, so she will do some research for the next official meeting.  Annie will get a signature card for the next official meeting as well.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.

Submitted by Library Trustee,

Christina McClay