~Creative Christian Preschool Storytime Lesson Plans for Busy Teachers, Librarians, and Parents

Ever think about offering a Christian Preschool Storytime?  Host a regular story time in your church, Christian library, school, club, or homeschool.  Read my storytime plans for ideas on how to organize your own story hours, or use them as they are.  Good luck!!

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Thanks for your interest in Christian story time lesson plans for your preschool children!!!


Thanks for choosing Groovy Storytimes for finding fun and relevant preschool story time lesson plans from a Christian perspective.  I use popular children's picture books to weave together storytimes that tie a message to common preschool themes.  I have just set up shop at Groovy Storytimes.  I hope the new site offers a more efficient and easy way for you to access all the ideas and lesson plans I've created for Christian story hours.  Have fun, have a look at the new Groovy Storytimes site, and tell your friends to come have a look at the new Groovy Storytimes!