About Us

Midwestern University is a health professionals school located in Downers Grove, IL that offers graduate degrees in the following programs: Osteopathic Medicine, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Dental medicine, Occupational Therapy, Physician Assistant, Clinical Psychology, and Biomedical Sciences. Groovin' in the Grove is put on by Midwestern University's Campus Recreation Department, with help from the Midwestern University Sports Medicine Club. The race has been held annually since 1989 and aims to give back to our local community. For the second year in a row, we will be donating race proceeds to Sharing Connections Furniture Bank, located in Downers Grove.   
Sharing Connections is a way for us to share with others, and
 receive the benefit of knowing we are impacting the lives of people in our community in their time of need.

~Leeanne McGrath, Founder
Sharing Connections Furniture Bank provides furniture and household items to low-income families helping them transform a bare apartment or house into a home. Most of our families are coping with crisis like domestic violence, job loss, or financial hardship, with an average annual income of $11,600. Over 50% served are children.

Our Vision:

Tonight, everyone eats at a table and sleeps in a bed.

Our Mission:

Respectfully provide furniture and hope to neighbors in need.

Why We Exist:

Each day in Metropolitan Chicago, families sleep on the floor, use their couch as a table, store food in a cooler, and put babies to bed in a cardboard box.  There are also many Chicago-area families that have an abundance of household items.  Sharing Connections is the link between these two groups.  At Sharing Connections, a 501c3 non-profit organization, we accept donations of gently used furniture, household items and more, and redistribute these to families living at or below the federal poverty standards. 

Over 300 individuals benefit from our services each month. These families, our clients, live mainly in DuPage County and Metropolitan Chicago and are referred to us from other social service and non-profit agencies.  Most of our clients earn less than $12,000 a year, and more than 60% of our clients are children.  Our families struggle with many difficult obstacles in their lives like unemployment, domestic violence, health problems, and crisis like fires or floods.  They come to Sharing Connections to pick up furniture for their homes to make their lives more comfortable, and to help them stay on the road of self-sufficiency.      

The need for Sharing Connections’ services is great.  The families on our furniture waiting list need items like beds, tables and chairs, and sofas because they either have no furniture or their current items are in bad condition.  Sharing Connections exists to make sure these families have the furniture they need to make their environment a comfortable place they are proud to call home.