Groombridge Bowling Club 

Otherwise known as Groombridge Bowling Club (click heading above for map/directions).  

 Back Lane (Off Gromenfield) Groombridge East Sussex TN3 9RS

The club was formed in 1919, when a group of residents played in various gardens in the village. 

In 1937 a section of land was donated by the then owners of

 Groombridge Place for a peppercorn rent.

We have an excellent green with 4 rinks,  
which can be stretched to 5 slightly narrower but still legal size rinks. 

The season commences in April and ends in September

The club  has 40-50 playing members.

League matches are usually played as follows;

Ladies Tunbridge Wells League - Tuesdays evenings

Gents Tunbridge Wells League - Thursdays evenings

Club Horam League - Wednesday evening & weekend end afternoons

Friendly Matches are also played as above

Monday evening is roll up time for general practice.

We have a range of competitions for all abilities during the season. 

We are a friendly club and welcome new members. Beginners are very welcome and will be given tuition. For information, please Email groombridgebowls@live.co.uk (click link) or phone our secretary Myra Woods on 01892 864567

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