Faced with the problem, mark it with the help of your mobile 

1. Click on the (+) button, and after login you can create the next types of beacons:
- "SOS", if your life or health at risk and you (your friends) need urgent help within 24 hours. 
- “Important" - you would like to draw attention to a problem that does not fall under the definition of SOS.
- “It is good here“ - when you meet something, which improves your mood
- "It is bad here" - when you meet something, which spoils your mood
You can give your beacons any name, description, photos, and to add tags for easy searching.
This Beacon’s Set Should Be Enough to Start Mapping Of Community’s Problems or any other activities, based on citizen-generated data

For NGO, business and public authorities:
  • Mapping any of your data (projects, activities, infrastructure problems, etc.) with a help of unlimited number of layers. Make out beacons in your unique and recognizable style. Provide active involvement by (a) “drawing in" beacons of volunteers, target groups, customers on layers of your organization, (b) sharing viewports with your information (piece of map with your layers and beacons) within the social media. A lot of people knows how to share object on the map, but we have yet to assess the effect of the power of attracting the attention of users of social media to the concerned information from different layers. 
  • It can be useful for public utilities and local self-government, for NGOs and business (marking problems and infrastructure, providing decision-making and solutions, infrastructure, monitoring, etc.) 
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