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3. LAW Limbs

Unlike other industries, the sole purpose of these multiple incarnations of LAW remains the same: to house, feed, and entertain as many human beings as possible, as efficiently as possible.  The following limbs of LazyAssWasteoid have been created to do just that.

Current Propaganda

†¥₤€® at Archive.org (audio)


  • Cooperative Housing/Local Currency/Work Projects
  • Farming/PermaCulture/Food Production Projects
  • Entertainment, Information, and Well-being Projects


  • http://sites.google.com/site/grokhealth (also http://bit.ly/GrokHealth, http://goo.gl/4LjC) - main/health/food/planning site. You're three levels deep into it right now. Yeah, those links on the left will help you navigate. If you're interested in helping edit this site, or if you have any questions about it, ask.
    • Body: you live in a meatbot, that uses all kinds of fuel. help it fuel you properly and you won't feel like a tool.
    • Earth: whoever is driving this beautiful spaceship is about to run it into a wall. Let's not do that, k?
    • Mind: http://bit.ly/8Zzi6h


  • LazyAssWasteoid - Open Source Global Domination Plan (OSGDP) (http://bit.ly/L-A-W, http://goo.gl/asWu, or http://sites.google.com/site/grokhealth/lazyasswasteoid): is the online handle, dance style, operational anti-philosophy, and global cooperative consultancy of good happy success.
    • Donate (http://bit.ly/L-A-Wdonate): "donate" may be a misnomer.  Repurpose may be a better word...
    • Hire (http://bit.ly/L-A-W4hire): terms, conditions, expectations (or lack thereof) and words of warning regarding working with this crazy bastard.
    • Invest (http://goo.gl/X2dO): why, how, and whatnot regarding "investment" in this beautiful coop/person.  In short, it sends you to a google shopping list, and paypal.
    • Limbs (http://bit.ly/L-A-Wlimbs, http://goo.gl/ETa2n): Like on any other tree, these collect light and nutrients, circulate chi/life/synapses, and shelter that which lies beneath.  In this collective, their responsibilities include management, quality control, verbal communication, manipulation of the physical world, and metaphysical functions.
    • Trade (http://goo.gl/03FV): Stuff we got, stuff we need.  Let's trade!
  • LazyAssWasteoid Industries' Embryonic Demon Spawn, Regenerative Limbs, Free and Open Feeders of its Human Survival mission:
    • Sustain (this is how we physically convert planet enslavement to paradise)
      • Cooperation with, redistribution or re-use of, and creative utilization of time/space/temperature interactions between wind, water, earth, and fire.
      • Personalized/post-family/tribal infrastructure and energy systems.
      • Passive, Active, and Ghetto Solar
      • Rain Collection/watering systems, cheap, disguised, underground, etc.
      • Permaculture/survival/sustainable-vector forest/garden/space tips/design/construction/maintenance/management
      • Education and assistance with low-cost energy saving tool construction
      • Land and labor exchange, cooperative food production, community.
    • Meat Bot HID
      • Motion capture, gaming, wearable PCs
    • In Co-opt-e-rated
      • Cooperative Venture Consulting/Think Tank
    • EtherWarez: flyweight code, gentle/patient noob training, self-sustainable relationships.
      • Sibs (this is how we communicate about what we need, no "selling" of crap)
      • House
        • In-house everything management database.
        • Maintenance/cooking/chore scheduling/log/instructions
        • Supply, media, and communications database
        • Financial calculator, accounting reporting/helper/auditor
        • Documentation storage and distribution (e-mail, web, etc) system.
        • Media Server, in-house wireless VoIP hub, thin client workstations.
      • Land
        • Crop rotation planning, regional production and distribution coordination
      • Stuff
        • Materials Reclamation and project planning
        • Appliance exchange, repair, and recycling.
      • Work
        • Project/workforce/planting/harvest design/planning/scheduling
        • Multi-role task tracking, childcare scheduling
        • Flexible crew management, rating, and capabilities tracking
      • Com
        • Art, theory, philosophy, discussion
        • Business, friend, acquaintance, partnership possibilities
      • Move
        • Transportation sharing/scheduling, transfer-point management
        • Vehicle sharing/maintenance/upgrade services
        • Free Green Human-powered transportation services
    • [LAWave]
      • Noise, disturbing motion pictures, music videos
    • It
      • Self-publication services
    • GrokHealth
      • Nutrition, detox, orientation
    • Free Lunch
      • Clean, DIY food co-oping for fun and health
      • Educational tips on frugal living and clean eating
      • Public offerings of free food to the hungry
        • In-house preparation, instructions, recipes, tips
        • Food preparation/serving/storage tools
    • image-INIT-hive dēSīne (Imaginative Design)
      • Inclusive idea wrangling, functionally beautiful results.
    • tactile geometrics: trees u kin feel
      • recovered precious woods sculpted into open source shapes pleasing to eye and skin.
      • photos here, prefers bitcoin [1A9szk9S5VueKexQu1JkR3r86joA7Zdmjz], will accept cash, drink tokens, organic vegetables, gas cards, and contractual arrangements. e-mail lawleft {AT] gmail [dott} com with thoughts.
    • InDustReal Scaling: is this a limb or a philosophy?  yes.  ok. go
    • too much? become an editor of this wiki and/or suggest constructively to lawleft {AT] gmail [dott} com.

LAW @ YouTube

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    Skyscaper Permaculture

    that oughta cover it. enjoy!

    p.s. I am walking/biking for president and all lesser included offenses (any public office for which my efforts may be useful). you wanna help with that. proposals?

    Circulation, forwarding, copying, or any other type of sharing of our work is highly encouraged.  Just tag it LazyAssWasteoid.
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