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Hi.  This wiki contains (or will contain) information I have found regarding the operation and organization of the (body of the) human organism.  I put these thoughts to practice daily, or have personal first-hand experience of it.  I am the meat-bot experiment.  I am healthy. I desire, expect, and demand, health.  I have no fear of diseases and they do not, cannot attach to me.  This matters.  Science confirms it.  I eat like the peasant I am, work like a horse, and generally reject corporate (western/fascist/capitalist/conventional) propaganda regarding sources of health and the means by which it is attained.
  1. get over your programming. you are capable
  2. eliminate or drastically reduce poison streams
  3. re-orient you to surroundings and food sources. compost poop & food scraps. Turn otherwise expensive properties into productive dirt. It wants to pull its weight by feeding you.
  4. feel health. grok health, no further instruction necessary.
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