Groby Allotment Society

Sheds and trees
Before erecting a shed or planting a tree please read the guidelines and download an application form.

Need to open the height barrier?
Please allow 48 hours notice and email us at

Dates for your diary

Sunday Cob and Coffee mornings
Our 2018 sessions started on Easter Sunday, so why not  join us on the first Sunday of the month throughout the Spring and Summer.  

You'll also be able to pick up  your Sunflower growing pack!   The competition is open to all ages, as well as children and we will have the “great measuring” to see who has won later this summer. We have purchased Giant Single Sunflower seeds, so let’s see just how tall we can grow them! They will make excellent food for the birds this winter too.

The Easter Bunny came to Groby on Easter Sunday, and although it was April 1st, it wasn’t an April Fool, as he left eighty chocolate Easter eggs for children to find! I bet he was glad of his fur coat though as it was rather cold, but it didn’t rain on us and fourteen children in all, came and found almost all of the eggs hidden around the orchard, behind flower pots, in trees, in bushes, behind water butts or in a wheelbarrow. We know it was the Easter Bunny as he left big paw prints everywhere!  

Report any suspicious behaviour
Sadly the Groby allotments sometimes suffer from vandalism or thefts of fruit and vegetables, so vigilance remains important.  CCTV is expensive but it is hoped that a grant could be obtained to help with the cost.  And be sure to report all incidents to the police by ringing 101, or by email to 

We're in the Grow it magazine!  Read the article.

A visit to Maplewell Hall School  
John Thornton was invited to view the school’s allotment.  

Matthew Biggs  
Read about Matthew's journey from his childhood in Leicester to the People's Gardener.

Groby's allotment sheds

A few years ago Michael Pratt visited the Ratby Road allotments and took photographs of the rustic architecture in the form of the allotment sheds.  A fascinating montage of the results can be seen on his popular website  -