Robin Gauthier is an assistant professor of Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her research interests include family, adolescents, interventions and social networks.

Email: gertrude.gauthier@gmail.com

Office: 719 Oldfather Hall


My research agenda focuses on the relationships of micro interactions to macro structural patterns and institutions. Individuals create and re-create their relationships every day in their interactions with others. These continuous (re)negotiations are heavily constrained by social inequalities that stratify access to material resources and interpersonal power. My work shows how crucial relational processes are for answering pressing questions about gender, family, and health in a dynamic and changing world. I organize my research around the following core questions: How do peer groups reinforce or challenge established norms within a social setting? How do patterns of connections facilitate or constrain access to resources and exposure to risk? Can we use network models to discover emergent social roles in everyday life?