About me

Recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a Mechanical Engineering degree, and I'm currently working for BAM as an Additive Manufacturing Engineer. 

While additive manufacturing has recently been my main field of interest, I also enjoy traditional manufacturing methods and mechatronics projects. MechE was always a good fit for me, as I rather enjoy getting my hands on all parts of a project, whether it involves design, coding, circuits, or fabrication.

I started working with 3D printers at Berkeley, where I founded the 3D Modeling Club. That started an AM feedback loop which is holding me in to this day.

The first 3D printing startup that I joined was eucl3D, a Berkeley startup working with game developers to provide high quality 3D printed collectibles.

I have also done various other work with additive manufacturing at Autodesk, GE, and Bay Area IP, some of which is sampled below.

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 Autodesk Internship

GE Oil & Gas

General Electric
3D Modeling Club

3D Modeling Club 

 Project Bison

Olsryd 9 Cylinder
Olsryd 9 Cylinder Engine
3D Printing Designathon

3D Printing Designathon 

 Project Azimuth


Optical Microscope 

Vought f4u Corsair

 Vought f4u Corsair
Canoe rod-holder

 Canoe Rod Holder
Fly High

Fly High