'85-'88 Overton High Alumni Website (Memphis, TN)

Finally, a website that will keep you networking with old friends without paying a monthly fee!  This page was created as a gateway to our private chat group.  The target years for this site are 1985 - 1988.  Invite all Alumni you have contact with to our chat group.  This is just the start!  Enjoy contacting old friends.  


*****We are shifting our network from google group chat to facebook.  Please join facebook and do a search on Overton to get connected. 10/26/2008


Click here to join our chat group (you must create a google account to get in. After you create an acct. email the owner of the group.)

Class of '86 pics click here (Don't waste your time if you are on dialup)

Click here to see photo gallery

 Email us if you have problems getting in the chat group

 '86 contact Arwen.Adair@gmail.com

'87 contact grjanuary1@gmail.com