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Stretch Mark Treatment

The plight of stretch marks (striae) visits the majority of women. In fact, about 90% of all women get affected at least once in their lifetime.


Some women choose to hide the unsightly stripes under their clothes. Others choose to wear the stripes as a batch of honour.


Many women choose to get rid of their stretch lines (stria distensae or linea albicante) for aesthetic reasons. However, these women are faced with roadblocks because of widespread misconceptions about the condition.


            In order to treat a condition, you must first accurately identify the condition. This would have been an easy task except for the numerous myths that cloud the facts.


            To prevent yourself from getting swindled, you’ll find it advantageous to be able to distinguish myth from fact.


Stretch Mark Myths

            Initially, stria distensae appears as reddish or purplish stripes. If left untreated, they are likely to become whitish or silvery.


            Myth: Stria distensae only appears in women.


            Fact: Women are indeed disproportionately affected. However, men can also be affected. About 15% of men will deal with stria distensae at some point in their lives.


            In men, stria distensae often occurs due to excessive weight gain. Body building is another major trigger of stria distensae in men.

            Myth: Thin people do not get stria distensae.


            Fact: Stria distensae occurs in both thin and overweight people. Fat is only one of the causal factors of stria distensae.


            Thin people also go through events such as puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause. These events are major triggers of stria distensae.


Furthermore, there is a hereditary component to the occurrence of the condition. If you have the genes, you are likely to be affected, irrespective of whether you are thin or fat.


            Myth: Stria distensae is caused by pathogens.



            Fact: Most myths are based on an iota of truth. This myth is totally baseless. It does not contain a modicum of truth.


            There are three causal factors of stria distensae: hormones, genetics and pressure. The pressure could originate from rapid growth, weight gain, etc.


            The genetic component is pretty straightforward. You are either genetically predisposed or you aren’t. Some people can go through puberty, pregnancy, menstruation and menopause without developing a single stripe. These people are called the lucky ones.


            During puberty, the causal component of hormones affects both boys and girls. Puberty is a phase of rapid growth fueled by the hormone IGF-1 (insulin growth factor 1).


            IGF-1 causes an increase in the dimension of your bones. This forces the skin to stretch, in order to catch up with the pace of growth. Tears develop on the skin, if it fails to keep up with the pace.




    During pregnancy, the pressure exerted by the weight of the fetus is an obvious causal factor.


            Your skin is like any other material. Materials have elastic limits. The dermis of your skin snaps, when exerted under pressure beyond its elastic limit.


            Myth: Stria distensea does not require treatment. Over time, it will disappear on its own accord.


            Fact: Over time the hue of the stripes will transform to white or silver. That’s about it. Beyond this, no improvements occur, unless, you actively treat the scars.


Treatment of Stretch Marks

            The first step in treating any condition consists of eliminating the factors that caused the condition. Factors such as genetics and hormonal changes are largely beyond your control.


            However, you can always control your weight. We are currently living in an age with too many people running around, claiming that they have big bones.


            Big bones cannot explain away the lifestyle choices of most people. Only a tiny minority of people can truly blame genetic defects for their overweight problems. The majority of people are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little.


            Above all else, do not be counted among the suckers in this life. Take charge of your lifestyle and check your weight. Eat clean and train lean.


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