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Cigarette Vaporizer

            Cigarette vaporizers are asserting their popularity in the marketplace with staggering success. Every year, the sales record breaks fresh new grounds.


            By 2014, the sales of electronic cigarettes had already exceeded the $1billion mark; even though, they were only introduced into the US markets in 2007.


            Every single forecast predicts the continuous growth of this trend. Some forecasts are more optimistic than others.

            One fact stands beyond dispute: e-cigarettes are booming. There are more than 500different brands out there in more colours than the spectrum of a rainbow.


            The Benefits of Cigarette Vaporizers

            Electronic cigarettes have quickly established themselves as a smoking cessation aid to be reckoned with.


            For decades, health groups and scientists have been struggling to invent an effective smoking cession gadget to no avail.


            All kinds of smoking cessation aids have been tried from nicotine pills, to nicotine patches, chewing gum, etc.


            In 2003, the breakthrough finally came, when the Chinese inventor Hon Lik had the incredible idea of delivering nicotine in a propylene glycol and glycerin mixture.


            The second part of the incredible ingenuity was the addition of a LED on the tip of the e-cig. Each inhalation illuminated the LED in simulation of the red glow of regular cigarettes.


              The first generation of e-cigs is shaped like regular cigarettes. They are called cigalikes. This resemblance to regular cigarettes is highly instrumental to the success of electronic cigarettes.


            First off, smoking is a habit. It is a well known scientific fact that every habit is comprised of three separate actions. Each action occurs in a phase.


            Back in the 1970s, MIT professors discovered that each habit is comprised of a cue, a routine and a reward. The loop of cue-routine-reward carves out a neurological pathway in your brain, which is almost impossible to remove.


            This is why it is so hard to stop a habit. According to the MIT professors who conducted the research, the best approach is to replace a bad habit with a good one.


            The mechanics of replacing any habit is pretty straightforward. Keep the cue and the reward but replace the routine.


            This is exactly what electronic cigarettes have done. This also explains the failure of all the other methods that have been tried throughout the decades.



              Finally, we have a solution in personal vaporizers that will significantly reduce the rate of smoking around the globe. This reduction in smoking will have wide-reaching health benefits.


            According to Lauren Cook, director of the Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, “electronic cigarettes will save more lives than Mother Teresa.”


            For the past 5decades, smoking related deaths have consistently surpassed the deaths caused by alcohol abuse, drug abuse and gun violence. Each year, more US citizens die from tobacco than the entire casualties of the Vietnam war.


            Another highly under-estimated benefit of personal vaporizers is financial savings. Personal vaporizers are way cheaper than regular cigarettes.


            The starter kit of personal vaporizers might require a substantial initial investment. Thereafter, you only have to buy the e-liquid, which is extremely cheap.

            Over time, things tend to get cheaper, especially with electronic gadgetry. With electronics, prices tend to fall, in spite of inflation. Innovation and economics of scale are often the driving force behind the fall in prices.


            This general trend of prices to decrease over time may not apply to vapor cigarettes. There is a lot of speculation about the future direction of e-cig prices because pf the meddling of politicians.


            Politicians are working night and day to find new ways of taxing the burgeoning electronic cigarettes market. It is just a matter of time before they get their way.


            Politicians see electronic cigarettes as cash cows. They have every intention of milking this cow for as much as they can get away with.


            We have little doubt that higher prices are coming. Brace yourselves fellows. It is inevitable. Profit from current low prices and stack up. Order our premium selection of vapor cigs now.