Game of Grit

Get Rich Grinding

          This post is a no-nonsense guide on how to make money. We are not talking about get-by money or decent money. We are talking about stratospheric money.

            Commercial airlines fly in the troposphere. The troposphere ends at about 10km above sea level. The stratosphere is the next layer. It extends from 10 to 50km above sea level. Supersonic private jets fly in the stratosphere.


            You are welcomed to read on; if you can think in terms of the kind of money that will get you in the stratosphere.

            You are not welcomed to read on, if you exhibit any of the following characteristics:


If you are a fat, lazy slob, please leave and free up my bandwidth.

If you are a whiner, please leave.

If you are a magical thinker and subscribe to the BS law-of-attraction, please leave.

If you are looking for a get rich quick system, please leave.

If you are looking for some kind of money making software that runs on autopilot, please leave.

If you need a motivator to get your juices flowing, please leave.

If you can’t think long term, please leave.

If you hate work, please leave.




            You are still here. That means; you do not meet any of the characteristics above. As you can see, I am unapologetically blunt. I don’t waste your time and you don’t take up my bandwidth. I have stated the attributes; that will guarantee your failure in this business. Do not even start, if you have any of the above-stated attributes. You won’t make it!


            That’s the harsh reality!


            Getting Rich in Affiliate Marketing

            The sky is the limit in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing consists of getting a commission for selling a third party’s product or service. Every major internet retailer offers an affiliate program.


            Amazon.com is loved by affiliate marketers. I have no idea why affiliate marketers love Amazon.com so much. Amazon.com pays a 7% commission to their best affiliates. That’s ridiculously low! It’s a total mystery to me, why people get excited over crumbs.


            Don’t get me wrong. I promote Amazon.com products, but they do not get me excited. Amazon.com products make up less than 5% of the products that I promote.


            Affiliate marketers also love Clickbank.com. Clickbank.com is a network that deals with non-physical products _ “services” would be the appropriate word.  

            Incidentally, the service, I am pitching in this post, is a Clickbank.com product.


            If at this very moment, the words “conflict of interest” are sizzling through your mind, do not buy from my link. My objective is not to make money off you. My objective is to provide you with the information that; I wish someone else had given me, when I started.


            This post is not even about the product _ Google sniper. There are other good affiliate marketing coaching programs out there. Google sniper just happens to be more newbie friendly.


            Yes, I am pitching Google sniper. No, I am not reviewing it. No, I am not pushing it. You can buy any other coaching program, you wish.


            What’s this post about?

            It’s about GRIT. It’s about consistent self-discipline and the law of averages.


            That’s how you’ll get rich. You won’t be inventing anything new. You’ll be relying on the law of averages.


            Buckle up! You better believe; you are in for one long, arduous ride.


There are going to be bumps on the road as you learn the skills involved in affiliate marketing. The world is full of nincompoops, who believe that, they can get rich without skills.


Doctors and engineers undergo training for 4 to 8years, only to be contented with middle-class incomes throughout their lives. Yet, punks have the chutzpah, to entertain the illusion that, they can get rich without skills. Just how, is that, supposed to be possible?


Don’t you think; you should have already been a millionaire, if your current abilities sufficed? What do you think separates you from the rich? It is not information. It is skills and the discipline to implement those skills.


You are going to learn how to create websites, write copy and generate traffic to your content. That’s all there is to affiliate marketing: content and traffic.


It sounds simple. But, you better believe that, a few skills are indispensable.


            Besides the technical skills, grit and discipline are absolutely indispensable. It takes months of hard work, to start seeing any results. It takes about one year of consistent hard work, just to cross the $1000 per month threshold.


            Once you start earning enough money to cover the bills, you can outsource some of the work. Outsourcing creates leverage and permits you to grow exponentially. Join an affiliate forum to learn the nuggets of the business. Google sniper doesn’t teach this. You’ll have to learn it from another source.


            If you don’t have the grit and perseverance to go through what; Seth Godin describes as the dip, no need starting in the first place. You’ll be wasting your time.

            If you start, commit to never quit. Quitters never win. And winners never quit.  


            You probably won’t make a dime, in the first few months. It’s part of the learning process. Do not waste your money, buying tones of other affiliate coaching programs; thinking that, there’s some special information which, you have missed.


            There is no hidden secret. Affiliate marketing is “content and traffic.” If you want to fine-tune you copy (content), bookmark copyblogger and learn from them.


            You are FUCKING warned! Do not waste your money buying traffic or special programs. They aren’t worth the dust on your keyboard. All you need is consistent hard work and time. That’s how, the law of averages work. They more content you produce; they more likely you are, to make a sale.


            Do not waste your time with Amazon.com or Clickbank.com just because they are popular. Every industry, be it brick and mortar or online, is crowded by average people. By definition, the top 5% are necessarily in the minority.

             The 95% majority is starving but shouting the loudest. That’s why; you’ll hear Amazon.com and Clickbank.com very often. The real bang is with Markethealth.com, Moreniche.com and Sellhealth.com.


            That’s where guys are making over 50k per month. If you don’t believe, you’ll have to join BTF (Bring the Fresh) forum to see screenshot-proof.


            Don’t get all excited and hungry. There are only 3guys on BTF making that kind of money. The least experienced guy has been doing affiliate marketing for 7years. Better eat some humble pie, before you start dreaming that you can jump into the game and start making that kind of money in a few months.


            Only in your PIPE DREAMS!


            You want to make stratospheric money; buckle up! It’s going to be a long, bumpy and arduous ride!