Sierra Recruits Hollywood

Sierra has said that it will recruit Hollywood voice talent for their newest first person shooter TimeShift


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             Sierra has said that it will recruit at least one of Hollywood's finest for voice talent for their newest first person shooter,  TimeShift, which will feature time control features, as well as Dennis Quaid as the lead character Micheal Swift.  Dennis Quaid is well known for such movies as the "The Day after Tommorow" and "Frequency", and some not so famous actors but you'd probably recognize them if you saw their faces. Such as Nick Chinlund as General Mitchell, and Micheal Ironside as Dr. Krone.

 The game is set to release in September for Xbox 360 and PC in September.


“TimeShift is already acclaimed for its time manipulation game mechanics, yet we still examined ways to increase the overall entertainment take-away for players, and including Hollywood voice actors was one way to do so,” commented Cindy Cook, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Vivendi Games. “By casting recognizable Hollywood actors to voice the main characters, we’re providing audiences with an audio touchstone that gives the game a greater level of authenticity and ultimately, enjoyment.”


The players’ role is as a retired test pilot Colonel Micheal Swift as he plays with some nasty time control devices. But during the testing, the "chrononaut" blows a gasket and alters time sending you to a nightmare reality ruled by a fascist regime. Dennis Quaid or you must now fix the past, present , and future with your Quantum Suit.