E3 Bites the dust


E3 as we know it has been canceled for the next year and all years in the foreseeable future.



Games in Review


Half Life 2: Episode 1

Hitman Blood Money

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Team Fortress 2: Brother of Arms

BattleField 2142

F.E.A.R. Extraction Point 

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic



F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

BattleField 2142 


Team Fortress 2 

HL2 Episode 2 Extended



        The Entertainment Software association (ESA) event has been at the forefront of all things new and innovative when it comes to entertainment technology since the mid 1995. It has been one of the biggest creators of hype for all things video game related. But now the larger players have stated that the costs outweigh the benefits, as far as media exposure is concerned.

 Publishers believe that the money could be better spent elsewhere, such as on more company focused events than on the industry as a whole.

 Recent speculation has been that larger players have been pulling out which has prompted meetings between publishing executives. And as far as I can tell have decided that without larger software and hardware publishers in the mix, there would be no worthwhile reason to continue E3.

Some reason's why this have happened might  be due to compaints about the media coverage. First being that "blogging" and the increased number of participants has increased  dramatically, which has hindered E3's ability to instruct people to only speak of what they are told to speak of.

The second reason is that the shows have become more focused on the biggest name such as sony, nintendo, and microsft, leaving the underdogs of the industry to twist in the wind.

 ESA President Doug Lowenstein is supposed to announce the news sometime within the next 48 hours and most likely monday. ESA is likely to wrangle up some sort of damage control by creating a smaller E3 like shindig in May, but the event as we know it now will no longer exist in its current form.

 The days as E3 being at the forefront of the entertainment technology is no more.