Grin & Barrette

Custom Designed Accessories

I started making barrettes to tame my daughter's curly locks.  She had too much hair for childsize barrettes and larger ones were...well...ugly on a little girl.   Once she started wearing them, people started inquiring and Grin & Barrette was born.  

I don't have an online order form because I like to speak with my clients about their needs.  I am able to incorporate most any bead available online. 

For the most part, I make all of my barrettes using genuine French mechanisms, which are stronger and more durable than those others 'made in China'.   I use  genuine Swarovski crystals and glass beads.  

Prices start at $8.00 and increase depending on the size and intricacy.  I can do barrettes from 40mm (1.57") to 100mm (4.0").

As I continue to organize and add my barrettes to this website, feel free to peruse my barrette gallery using the link below:

Barrette Gallery