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I like using lots of balance and difficulty mods, but none of them ever quite fit my preferences.
So I started working on my own balance mods to fill in the gaps.
Since then I've started building and adding lots of custom balance tweaks to it.
Tweaks that I either couldn't find on other mods or felt I could do better.

The end result (and still a work in progress) is SkyTweak, an all purpose game balance tweaker that's universally compatible.
The download link can be found at the bottom of the page.
  • Temper Scaling: In Vanilla Skyrim, tempering provides a greater percent bonus to fast weapons, light armor, and gauntlets/boots than other items. This option adjusts items so that even slow weapons and heavy armor can stay relevant at high smithing levels.
  • Shout Scaling: Increases the magnitude of your shouts by 2% per dragon soul stockpiled.
  • Critical Damage Scaling: In Vanilla Skyrim, critical hit damage does not scale with player stats. This option makes Critical Hits fairly useless when the player is high level. This will scale critical hit damage with skill level, enchantments, potions, and vanilla perks.
  • Bleed Damage Scaling: In Vanilla Skyrim, bleed damage does not scale with player stats. This option makes bleed damage fairly useless when the player is high level. This will make bleed damage scale with skill level, enchantments, potions, and vanilla perks. Bleed damage should now do about 10% bonus damage over 5 seconds for each perk tier.
  • Enemy Armor Scaling: There aren't many enemies with high armor in Vanilla Skyrim. This makes armor piercing a fairly useless mechanic. This option will give enemies +60 armor rating per heavy armor, +20 per light armor, +50 per shield, and +250 if they are a dragon or a dwarven automaton.
  • Stamina Cost Scaling: There is an exploit in vanilla Skyrim where you can perform power attacks and bash attacks at full damage and stamina even if you only have 1 stamina point. This option makes it so if your stamina is lower than 40, which is the approximate cost of power attacks and bashes, your power attacks and bashes do less damage and stagger proportional to your remaining stamina.
  • Illusion Scale Target Level: Playing Illusionist can be annoying because you're simply useless against enemies that are too high level. This option increases the magnitude of Illusion spells to work on virtually anything, but scales the duration based on the target's level.
  • Disable Friendly Fire/Stagger: Your allies will not take physical damage, damage from destruction spells, or stagger while these respective options are activated.
  • Trap Magnitude: This option increases the magnitude/damage of magical traps and dart traps. Physics traps such as falling rocks are not affected.
  • Poison Doses: Increases the number of doses a poison is useful for. May be overridden by certain perks such as concentrated poison certain mods. But this issue is avoidable if the perk mod's author has the proper foresight.
  • Dual Cast Power/Cost: How much more powerful and expensive dual cast spells are, respectively.
  • Magic Cost Scaling: All spell Cost is proportional to 1 - (Skill * Magic Cost Scaling)^0.65.
  • Magic Cost: A multiplier that affects the cost of all magic spells.
  • Base Rune Cap: The number of runes the player can place before perks are involved.
  • Base Summon Creature Count: The number of creatures the player can summon before perks are involved.
  • Telekinesis Damage: The damage dealt from firing an object at an enemy with telekinesis.
  • Telekinesis Dual Mult: The multiplier for how much more damage telekinesis deals when dual cast.

  • Skill Scaling: There's quite a few skill scaling options. These options scale the player's spell magnitude, duration, or cost as a function of the player's skill level. It does not affect other actors.
    The number on the slider indicates the multiplier at level 100 of the given skill. So if I set Healing Scale Cost 0.5x, Spells will cost 1.0x as much at level 0, but 0.5x as much at level 100.
  • Damage Dealt/Taken: The multiplier for damage taken or dealt at various difficulty settings.
  • Armor Rating Scaling: Percent damage reduction gained per armor rating.
  • Maximum Resistance: The maximum percent damage resistance possible from each possible source of damage reduction. IE armor rating, magic/disease/poison/elemental resistances, blocking, etc.
  • Weapon Damage: Multiplier for damage dealt by weapons.
  • 2H Attack Speed: Multiplier for the attack speed of two handed weapons.
  • Auto Aim Area: The area of your computer screen on which Auto Aim can trigger.
  • Auto Aim Range: The maximum distance a target can be for Auto Aim to target it.
  • Auto Aim Degrees: The maximum number of degrees Auto Aim is allowed to compensate for you as long as the target is still within the Auto Aim Area
  • Power Cost Mult: Multiplier for the cost of power attacks.
  • Block Cost Mult: The player loses stamina on each successful block equal to Block Cost Mult * Damage taken.
  • Bash/Power Bash Cost: The base cost of bashes and power bashes
  • Weapon/Shield Block Base: The minimum damage reduction multiplier for blocking with weapons/shields.
  • AI Search Time: The amount of time NPC's will spend searching for someone sneaking, depending on whether or not the NPC's were attacked.
  • Sneak Level Base: Base value added to sneaking's effectiveness.
  • Sneak Scale Detection: How much better you get at sneaking for each sneak level.
  • Detection FOV: The angle of the field of view cone, in degrees, that actors have when detecting.
  • Sneak Base Value: The effectiveness of sneaking at level 0.
  • Detection Light: How important of a factor light is to detection. And a multiplier for this in exterior cells.
  • Detection Sound: Multipliers for the importance of sound in detection with and without line of sight.
  • Pickpocket Chance: Your pickpocket chance cannot increase above or drop below these amounts.
  • Sneak Mults: Multipliers, that stack multiplicatively on top of existing sneak bonuses. Note that the magic based sneak multipliers will not make a sound or display a message when triggered.
  • Sneak Scale: These two options scale sneak multipliers to increase as sneak level increases.
  • Price Factor: The minimum possible price mult for buying things and the maximum possible for selling.
  • fBarterMin/Max: Price Factor = (fBarterMax * (100 - skill) + fBarterMin * skill)/100
  • Buy/Sell Price Mult: Multiplier for you to adjust buy/sell prices.
  • Vendor Respawn Times: How many days it takes a vendor to respawn.
  • Training Per Level: How many times the player can train per level.
  • Training Cost: Multiplier for the cost of training at each given tier.
  • Training Skill: The maximum possible level a trainer of a given tier can train you to.
  • Alchemy Magnitude Mult: Multiplier for the magnitude and price of potions.
  • Alchemy Magnitude Scaling: Potion magnitude and price will scale by a multiplier equal to THIS ^ (Level/100).
  • Charge Cost: Charges per use = Mult * ( ( Base * Magnitude / Max Magnitude ) ^ Power )
  • Enchant Skill Scaling: Determines how quickly enchant magnitude increases as your level increases.
  • Enchant Price: Ench Item Price = Base Item Price + Soul Mult * Soul Value + Effect Mult * Effect Value
  • Combat Stamina Regen: Multiplier for Stamina Regen in Combat.
  • Combat Health Regen Mult: Multiplier for Combat Health Regen in combat.
  • Damage Stamina Delay: Period of time when Stamina won't regenerate after taking Stamina damage.
  • Bow Zoom Regen Delay: Period of time when Stamina won't regenerate after using bow zoom.
  • Combat Magicka Regen: Multiplier for Magicka Regen in Combat
  • Stamina Regen Delay: Period of time when Stamina won't regenerate after you consume some.
  • Damage Magicka Delay: Period of time when Magicka won't regenerate after taking Magicka damage.
  • Magicka Regen Delay: Period of time when Magicka won't regenerate after you consume some.
  • AttributeRateMults: Base regen rate for each attribute in and out of combat. Increases as you level up.
  • AttributeRates: Regen rate for each attribute but only out of combat.
  • Attributes: Total Health, Magicka, Stamina of the player.
  • You know what actor values are right? This page does exactly what you think.
  • These sliders adjust the base actor value, while displaying the total actor value.
  • Naturally these sliders only affect the player.
  • Perk Points: Slider to add/remove perk points.
  • Timescale: How much game time passes in comparison to earth time.
  • Fall Damage: Fall Damage = ((height - Fall Damage Height) * Fall Damage Mult) ^ Fall Damage Exponent.
  • Jump Height: How high you can jump, 64 units = 3 feet.
  • Breath Time: Time to drown = Minutes + Seconds. So vanilla is 10 sec + 0.2 min = 22 seconds.
  • Drowning Damage: Percentage of total health lost per second while drowning.
  • Kill Cam Chance: Likelihood that a kill move will initiate a kill camera.
  • Kill Move Chance: The likelihood that the player will initiate a kill move on the last enemy standing.
  • Decapitation Chance: The likelihood that a killmove will be a decapitation.
  • Player Death Camera Time: How long the camera will spin around the player after the player dies before reloading.
  • Arrow Recovery Chance: Base chance of recovering arrows, before perks.
  • Sprint Stamina Drain: Multiplier for stamina drain rate while sprinting.
  • Death Weapon Drop Chance: Chance that an actor will drop his weapons/shield when dying. This can cause bloat so it's recommended you set this to 0%. Even at 0%, you can still see the weapons and shield drop, but activating them will simply open the inventory instead.
  • Camera Shake Time: Used by various scripts, determines how long in seconds the camera will shake.
  • Fast Travel Speed Mult: How fast the player moves while fast travelling.
  • HUD Compass Distance: How close markers need to be before they appear on your HUD.
  • Max Attached Arrows: Maximum number of arrows that can appear sticking out of one enemy at a given time.
  • Friend Hit Timer: A friendly hit expires after this amount of time.
  • Friend Hit Interval: A friendly hit is added only when this amount of time has passed since the last friendly hit.
  • Hits Allowed: The number of hits allowed by a friend/ally in or/out of combat before they will attack you.
  • AI Dodge Chance: You know that sidestep dodge AI performs in reaction to projectiles regardless of whether or not they see it coming? This is it. Set it to 0 to deactivate, or anything in between.
  • AI Aim Offset: Affects accuracy of the AI with projectiles.
  • AI Flee Health Mult: Percent health an AI needs to reach before it considers retreat.
  • Dialogue Padding: Buffer time between AI dialogue, to prevent overlapping audio.
  • Dialogue Distance: How close you need to be an AI before they speak to you.
  • Follower Spacing: How closely a follower will try to follow you.
  • Follower Catch Up: Speed bonus provided to followers when they are far away from the player.
  • Level Scaling: Multipliers that determine the level of enemies that spawn.
  • Respawn Time: Time in game hours for areas to respawn.
  • NPC Health Bonus: Health bonus given to all NPC's.
  • Attribute per level: Amount of Health/Magicka/Stamina awarded per level.
  • Carry Weight per level: Amount of carry weight awarded per level up put into stamina.
  • Legendary Reset Level: Level you are reset to after a legendary reset.
  • Level Cost: Amount of experience needed to gain an overall level = Mult * Level ^ Power + Base.
  • Experience Rates: Multipliers for the xp rate of each skill.
  • Scripts: Everything in here is a script attached via a magic effect. In layman's terms you should deactivate these before uninstalling SkyTweak or updating to a new version of SkyTweak that changes the relevant script.
  • Arrow Famine: Shooting your bow consumes more than one arrow.
  • Sneak Fatigue: Sneaking now drains Stamina  if your Stamina drops below 100, you become easier to detect, proportional to your Stamina.
  • Timed Block: The player will not take physical damage from a timed block with a shield, and magical damage from a timed block with a ward. Also has an optional feature for reflection. Wards can reflect spells away from the caster and a shield can reflect stamina damage back to a melee attacker. The amount of block xp given for a timed block with a shield is also adjustable.
  • Item Limiter: Limits the maximum number of lockpicks, arrows, poisons, and or potions you can carry.
  • Enable Player Stagger: The player will be staggered and lose movement control for a period of time after being attacked. There are 4 possible stagger animations depending on whether the player was hit from the front, back, left, or right. If hit from the sides, the player will rotate 90 degrees to face the attacker. (This camera rotation is hardcoded into the animation by Bethesda). Immunity duration is the period of time after being staggered, during which the player cannot be staggered again. Minimum stagger threshold is the minimum stagger duration required to have any effect. maximum stagger duration is the maximum amount of time the player's movement controls can be locked during a stagger.
    Stagger Duration = Base Stagger Duration * Impact Factor / Weight Factor.
    Weight Factor = 1 + (Total Equipped Armor Weight) / Weight Factor.
    Impact Factor(Spells) = Magicka Cost / Magicka Cost Factor
    Impact Factor(Weapons) = Weapon Weight / Weapon Speed
  • Full Reset: Non-persistent options can be reset. Activate the full reset then restart Skyrim for the reset to take effect. The full reset also serves a second feature. SkyTweak can memorize GMST's from other mods. But it only performs this once during initial installation and again if a full reset is called. This feature can be used to essentially perform a mini bash of gamesettings relevant to SkyTweak. Gamesetting mods that have been bashed can then be removed because SkyTweak will remember the settings from those mods for you.
  • Mod Importing: If you have other mods that edit settings, SkyTweak will remember the settings from these mods and store those settings as defaults. So if you ever want to reset to the settings from your mods, just reset to default.
  • Info Options: Highlight these for information on various tags. Tags can be viewed by highlighting any of the options in any of the other pages in SkyTweak. This information will help inform you of how SkyTweak interacts with other mods.
  • Scanner: Scanners operate on settings available in Vanilla Skyrim. They rescan each time SkyTweak is reopened to insure that you can rely on SkyTweak for up to date information on what your gamesettings are currently set at.
  • Stacker: Not all settings in SkyTweak are settings from Skyrim, some are handcrafted settings that are accessible only by SkyTweak. These settings will stack either additively or multiplicatively with the base game and other mods. These are tagged as Stacker settings.
  • Spell Script: SkyTweak features the ability to let the player activate/deactivate scripts that are attached by magic effect. That way the player can insure safer updates and uninstallation.
  • Vanilla(#): What this setting is set to by default in vanilla.
  • Perk: Some settings are achieved by adding perks. These are tagged in the description with "Perk".
  • Persistent: Persistent settings will remain at their current state even if SkyTweak is uninstalled.