Seekers and Aspiring Students

Grimr is currently accepting students, on a limited case by case basis.  Please be aware that though we have connection to several other traditions, we do not offer training in any other tradition, only Grimr.

A note to begin with.  We do not charge for instruction.  It is a gift to those students we choose to teach.  All we ask in return is that you show us, the material involved, and the spirits involved.  We do charge for books (or while when they reach print) because of the cost of the printing process.  The material used in instruction is different and beyond what will be available in the books we will make available to the public, and are of a different nature than the public material.

Not all people showing interest in Grimr will be accepted as students, and we are not accepting many at this time.  Before acceptance, we will communicate with perspective students via email to gauge interest, commitment, and desire, and will discuss with them via the phone, Google Hangout, or Skype.

Following acceptance, teaching will primarily be over email supplemented by in person, Google Hangout, or Skype sessions and discussions with other students.  Training speed depends on the student, and will proceed at a rate that beet fits the student's need.  Material and methods will also be tuned to the student.

Like all tradition and mystery schools, success as a student requires willingness to learn, commitment, and reaching a point of epiphany.  Training is primarily designed to assist in the process within the mythos of Grimr to reach that point, but will include practical methods and techniques useful in day to day life.  Grimr is a lifestyle, and will affect every aspect of your life as you progress through training.  Be sure you are willing to commit to both the benefits of this and the problems this may cause.  The initial period of communication before being accepted is not just for us to determine if you will be a good student, but also so you can determine if this is really a path you want to put your feet upon.  The path takes commitment, extracts its price in blood, but rewards with gifts greater than the price that was paid if you can stick on the path through thick and thin.

Whether you think this is a path that is the one for you, or are just curious to learn more to find out if it is, feel free to contact us at to begin the discussion.  Also, feel free to join our public discussion group at: