Brevet des Grimpeurs du Sud


A Local Award for Local People

"the most wanted badge in the South"

The award is available to anybody who completes 5 rides of 100km or over eligible for AAA points starting in the counties of Essex, Herts, Bucks, Surrey, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent and Greater London within the same calendar year (from 1st Jan to 31st Dec; not the AUK calendar year)

AUK membership is not required.


Successful Grimpeurs du Sud so far are: 134 riders!

Stephen Agnew
Doug Allen  
Kevin Barton
Peter Bell (x2) O
Nicola Bennett B               
Paul Bennett     
Richard Berry
Leiv Boyum R3
Martin Brice
Christopher Breed
Paul Britton (x3)
Anton Brown
Paul Brown
Ludwig Brunagel   
Jonathan Burt  
Jack Camplin     
Daniele Cassisa (x2) O
Pat Cherry (x5)
Richard Chew
Jonathan Cooper
George Cordal               Michael Daly O                 Martin Davey        
Nick Davison
Roger Day
Andy Devlin                      Tony Dove
Adrian Downie
Bruce Dunbar (x3)
Miles Emery            
Geoff Ericson               
Lars Ericsson
Daniel Ersser
Marco Fabiani
Mark Fairweather (x2)
Kieran Fitzpatrick
Tom Forbes
Mark Fosbury
Kevin Gibson
Mark Gladwyn (x3)  
Martin Godwin
Hugh Grainger          
Adam Grassby         
David Gray
Nick Groundwater            Ray Gunner 
Jim Haffey  (X2)      
Will Hayward        
Michael Hilton        
Jeremy Hinks O       
David Howarth      
Stephen Hodges        
Jillian Holford          
Simon Holford O         
Ed Holt                         
Tony Huntingdon(x3)  
Oliver Iles 
Colin James (x2)
David Jesse
Justin Jones (x2) OF
Helen Kellar                     Nic Ketley
Louise Lancaster (x2)
Richard Lavery
Mike Lee     
Philip Longman                     Stephen Longman             James Ludlow OF           Martin Malins (x11) OR6
Brian Mann 
Ann Marshall (x9) OTR4
Alex Mason                     Liam Morris             
Dave Morrison (x3) O2
Jeremy Nason (x5) 
Tom Norris
Jonathan Nunney        
Neil O'Brien
Paul Outhwaite                   Brad Owen
Graham Parks
Gavin Peacock
Richard Phipps OR (x5)
Mike Plumstead    
Steve Powell    
Anthony Powis               Nigel Pratt
Peter Price        

Andrew Preater
Andrew Register (x4)     
Stacey Rich (x2)
Eric Richardson (x3) OR   
Alessandro Ricevuti   
Louise Rigby          
Stephen Riley   (x2)       
Dan Rough S
Cristina Ruiz-Perez       
Ian Ryall O
Moritz Schick (x2)         
Hilary Searle (x2) ORV2
Alistair Seaton                   Arup Sen                           Rocco Sepe
Andy Seviour
Nicola Sibbald
Adam Sharpe                  
Liam Simington
Mark Simmons (x2)
James Skillen ORF
Tim Sollesse
Mike Stoaling (x10) O     
Alan Stewart
Anthony Swain
Julian Sykes
Andy Taylor-Vebel (x6)    
Mark Tearle
Richard Thomas   
Chris Tillapaugh           
Matthew Toms
Chris Tracey (x2)
Andrew Turner
David Vine (x2)          
Joss Wallace
Jonathan Walters(x2)       Simon Watkyns
Jane Watson      
Colin Weaver (x9) O
William Weir (x5) OS
Werner Wiethege(x5) ORF
Tom Willard
Adam Wilson O
Andrew Woolway      
Oliver Wright ORF
O: Grimpeur d'Or. 10 eligible events ridden in the same year.
R: GdSRTY. 12 eligible events completed in consecutive months.
F: 5 eligible events ridden on fixed-wheel.
S: Super Randonneur (200, 300, 400, 600km) in eligible rides
V: Grimpeur du Vectis; 5 Isle of Wight eligible rides.
T: 5 eligible rides ridden on tandem
B : 5 rides completed on Bike Shaped Object (eg £79 Halfords bike)

In 2016

GdS went YouTube; Reliable vs Hills and Mills 30.1.16
(Hills and Mills riders passed from 1.31 to 5.15)

YouTube Video

in 2017

LEL became eligible as a GdS!


Eligible events

         Calendar events:

       28th January - from Hailsham - Hills and Mills - 105km - 2 AAA
       25th February - from Hailsham - Mad Jack's John Seviour Memorial - 125km - 2.5 AAA
       4th March - from Catherington - Bois Ocaude de Printemps- 100km - 1.5 AAA
       12th March - from Otford - Kent Invicta Grimpeur 100 - 100km - 2AAA
       2nd April from Greenwich- The Shark 200km 3.25AAA
       22nd April from Meopham - Oasts and Coasts-300km 1.75AAA
       23rd April from Polegate - Hell of the Sussex Coastal Hills-101km 1.75AAA
       30th April- Isle of Wight - "100km Randonnee" AAA 1.5
       20th May from Crowborough East Sussex The Reliable 105km 1.75AAA
       30th July from Loughton London Edinburgh London 1400km 2.75AAA
       August - provisional from Shere - Tour of the Hills 115km 2.25AAA
       28th August - from Kennington near Ashford - The Crown 111km 2AA        
       11th September from Surbiton - Rowlands RAAAmble 200km 2.5AA
       17th September from Greenwich - Greenwich Mean Climb 300km 4.5AAA
       14th Oct -from Chalfont St Peter - The AAAnfractuous 200km 3AAA
       21st October -from Chailey - Mid Sussex Hilly 100km 1.5AAA
       21st October -from Chailey - Mid Sussex Hillier 100km 2AAA
        2018 dates to be confirmed apart from 27th January / 6th May / 20th October


 Shiny stuff:

  • A 25mm metal badge is available for successful riders (design above) for £3 inc. p/p (please Paypal to the email address listed below) or £2.50 direct at some events.
  • A free gold cloth badge of the same design is available to any rider who has completed 5 years of the award (10 events in one year count double).


  • Any event in the qualifying series (i.e. 100km or over; eligible for AAA points, starting within the specified counties) is valid.
  • The 5 rides must all be completed within the same calendar year (from 1st January to 31st December).
  • 2 or more eligible rides may be ridden in the same day and each will count; unless they are combined into a DIY or ECE ride in which case only one ride will count. 2 50k rides each eligible for AAA ridden in the region will count as a GdS if both ridden on the same day
  • Any eligible event which is extended to a longer distance either "for fun" or as an Extended Calendar Event is eligible.
  • Any Permanent, Extended Calendar Event or "DIY by GPS" ride anybody wishes to organise which qualifies will be valid; although proof of completing such a ride will need to be submitted separately to Martin Malins.
  • The "Isle of Wight Randonnée" is not an AUK ride but has been measured as having the required amount of climbing and distance and is therefore included as a discretionary qualifying ride only for the first time the Brevet is claimed by a rider, as it often encourages riders to participate in hilly AUK events which is the main purpose of the award
    (the Randonnée and "round the island" ride is otherwise eligible as a "DIY by GPS" ride an unlimited number of times).
  • A list of all awarded riders and non-AUK members who have claimed the Brevet will be displayed as soon as riders have qualified.

Why not make the Brevet one of your goals and see the best of the region from the saddle?


Contact Martin Malins:

malinseastg(remove this)@tiscali dot co dot uk